Ceremony Fine Wear x Chain Stitches – Ginsberg, Huncke Denim

If you’re a fan of the many South East Asian jeans that have been featured here, you’re not alone. Though, if you’re anywhere outside of SEA, it may be somewhat difficult to get your hands on legs in a pair [...]

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Momotaro Deep Indigo Brown Weft 15oz “Tight Straight” – Model 0702BR

Momotaro has been one of the more prolific brands releasing a pretty wide variety of denim as well as collaborations with other brands and stores. This time around they’ve released a jean that features one of their more unique [...]

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130x featured

3sixteen 17 Oz. 130x Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Series

3sixteen has officially (and finally) answered the call of diehard fans demanding a heavier option to their popular SL Slim Straight and ST Slim Tapered cuts – the 130x Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Series. A 17 Oz. heavyweight sanforized selvedge denim [...]

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Raw Denim Basics - Know Your Cotton Types

Raw Denim Basics – Know Your Cotton Types

Raw Denim Basics – Know Your Cotton Types As any regular readers of the site will know, the world of raw denim offers a seemingly endless variety of fabric weights, dyes, stitching, and other details. But in the end, pretty [...]

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The complete guide to raw denim

The Essential Raw Denim Breakdown – Our 100th Article!

We’re happy and proud to announce that today marks our 100th article!  In our short-lived existence thus far, we’ve been fortunate to see some strong growth (over 100K page view’s/month) and receive some solid feedback. Thanks to all for making it [...]

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Just Released – Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (SEXFHXRJB15)

Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues Jeans - SEXFHXRJB15 (source: selfedge.com) Earlier last week, denim boutique, Self Edge, announced the release of their first tri-collaboration (for lack of a better word) with Flat Head and Real Japan Blues. [...]

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