The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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The Complete Arcuate Collection

Arcuates–sometimes shortened to arcs–are the decorative stitching found on jeans’ back pockets. The classic Levi’s arcs have spawned countless brands creating their own pocket modification to make their brand stand apart. Problem is, there are so many arcs now it’s hard [...]

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The History Of The Osaka 5

To a visitor’s perspective, modern Japan and America look rather similar, language and demographic differences aside. Both nations enjoy (at least on the surface) a similar standard of living and technology. The extent to which the latter influenced the former [...]

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7 Pairs of Low-Mid Rise Raw Denim

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Jeans

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Designed to sit on the hip, thus looking slimmer and more modern, the low-rise jean has become probably the most popular among raw denim fits recently. As fits have moved away from the [...]

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Take5 Bangkok – Thailand Denim Paradise

I recently had the opportunity to vist the shop Take5 in Bangkok; a denim paradise and a must-stop for denim geeks who visit Thailand. We had previously reviewed Take5 Hong Kong and this shop is another piece of proof for the [...]

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Warehouse T-Shirt - Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket Tee

Warehouse Indigo Rope Dyed Heavyweight T-Shirt – Just Released

Warehouse Indigo Rope Dyed Pocket T-Shirt – Just Released Around this time of the year, one doesn’t need to go far to hear the grumbling of what a pain raw denim is. As the material does not always agree [...]

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Top 3 Worldwide Raw Denim Competitions (Part 1/2)

“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.” -Walt Disney Competitions have existed since the beginning of time. Denim competitions haven’t existed quite as long, but they’ve been [...]

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Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Raw Denim Reading – “American Market Kawasaki”

Raw Denim Reading "American Market Kawasaki" As a tech-savvy denim-enthusiast, I spend a fair bit of time combing the internet for news of new models, brands, and happenings in the raw denim scene. Part of that constant search involves visiting [...]

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Fade Friday – Warehouse x Blue In Green x SuFu 660 Contest

For this week’s Fade Friday, we’ve chosen to re-cap an incredible denim fade competition that ran in 2007.  Although this took place some time back, the scale that this idea operated at and amazing resulting fades warrants as much attention [...]

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