Fade Friday – Uniqlo MIJ Slim Fit (11 months, 5 washes)

Once upon a time, there was an international clothing empire and they made some pretty great jeans. The denim was rope indigo dyed and woven in Japan, they had the subtle but practical details like hidden rivets, they were made [...]

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Uniqlo Releases Pure Blue Japan Collection – Unrelated to PBJ

Uniqlo recently dropped a new indigo/workwear line titled “Pure Blue Japan”. The Japanese mega-retailer has long been known for its collaborations with niche high end designers like Jun Takahashi and Michael Bastian. This, however, is not one of them. The collection is said to [...]

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5 Raw Denim Under $100 – Part 1/2

In our never ending raw denim journey, we always encounter those handful of people wondering what raw denim they can pick up for dirt cheap.  Unfortunately, unless you’re able to score a bargain on eBay, it’s pretty difficult to find [...]

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