Fade tally marks on pocket UB221

Fade Friday – Unbranded Skinny 121 UB121 (1 year, 10+ washes)

One of the most popular gateway brands into the raw denim world is none other than Naked & Famous sister company Unbranded. Focusing on simplicity and denim quality rather than loud advertising and unnecessary bells and whistles, Unbranded [...]

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unbranded denim

Fade Friday – Unbranded 21 Oz. 221 (6 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Seawash)

The combination of simplicity and quality of Unbranded jeans are quickly turning them into a fan favorite for denim projects. This week’s Fade Friday comes from our forum member, Schweizerth, who compiled a monthly progression of his [...]

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NYC Market Week Denim Recap – Autumn/Winter 2014

It’s that time of year again: all of our favorite brands have finished tinkering away on their lines, the samples are set, and now it’s time to sell sell sell like their lives depend on it. That’s right, MARKET WEEK! [...]

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Top 13 Fades of 2013

Top 13 Fades of 2013 – Fade Friday

As long-time readers here well know, every Friday we focus our attention on an aged pair of raw denim jeans through our weekly instalment, Fade Friday. Though not every episode is a fan favourite, there are a healthy handful [...]

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pronto x unbranded

Pronto Denim x Unbranded 18 Oz. Brown Weft Selvedge Raw Denim

As the name implies, Unbranded has typically maintained a minimal, low-profile, and more affordable approach; leaving collaboration and experimental design to their sister company, Naked and Famous, until now. In addition to the co-produced 25 Oz. PIH2DC released at last month’s

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Fade Friday - Unbranded 21 Oz. 121 Skinny

Fade Friday – Unbranded 21 Oz. 121 Skinny (2.5 Months, No Washes)

As much as we love any beautifully beat-up pair of raw denim for our weekly Fade Friday, it’s always a treat when it comes from one of our very own readers on our forum. Courtesy of user,

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BDC Feature

Brooklyn Denim Company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Shop Tour

Despite being left off of our list of the Top Shops in New York City to Buy Raw Denim, in the three years since its opening, Brooklyn Denim Company has established itself as one of the premiere denim locations [...]

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Unbranded 201

Fade Friday – Unbranded 201 UB201 (3 Years, 4 Washes)

Fade Friday – Unbranded 201 UB201 (2.5 Years, 4 Washes) When I first caught wind of Unbranded a few years back, my initial reaction was of both intrigue and skepticism. $80.00 for a quality pair of rope-dyed, Japanese raw denim? My ears perked [...]

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Unbranded 10 Oz. Chambray Selvedge Denim Work Shirts

Following up their Raw Selvage Chambray Neckties, Unbranded has debuted their 10 Oz. Chambray Selvedge Denim Work Shirts to the world. Made from the same material as the Neckties, these Work Shirts feel a little stiff to the touch but provide [...]

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7 Pairs of Low-Mid Rise Raw Denim

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Jeans

7 Pairs of Low Rise Raw Denim Designed to sit on the hip, thus looking slimmer and more modern, the low-rise jean has become probably the most popular among raw denim fits recently. As fits have moved away from the [...]

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Unbranded Denim 10 Oz. Chambray Selvedge Raw Denim Tie

Unbranded Raw Selvedge Chambray 10 Oz. Neckties

Unbranded Raw Selvedge Chambray 10 Oz. Neckties As Unbranded continues to evolve and expand into new categories, we are introduced to the Raw Selvedge Chambray Necktie. Weighing in at a comfortable 10 Oz., the sister company of Naked & Famous [...]

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Unbranded 221 Featured Image

Unbranded 121, 221, 321 21 Oz. Heavyweight Selvedge Denim

After months of buildup and buzz within the denim community, Unbranded has finally completed and released their 21 Oz. Heavyweight Selvedge Denim. Known for offering rope-dyed selvedge raw denim at a lower price point, Unbranded continues to expand its line [...]

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