Working Titles: Taxi Driver

We’ve previously examined the shifting cultural image of denim in the movies throughout the twentieth century. In this series, we plan on taking a closer look at specific films with a denim and workwear [...]

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THE REAL McCOY’S Lot. 003J WWII Replica Denim Jacket – Coming Soon

Following our article on THE REAL McCOY’S Lot. S003 WWII replica jeans, here’s our introduction of their partner in crime: the Lot. 003J denim jacket. Like we explained about [...]

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The Real McCoys S003 Front

THE REAL McCOY’S Lot. S003 WWII Replica Jeans – Coming Soon

THE REAL McCOY’S is without a doubt among the best reproduction brands coming out of Japan. They’re notorious for their military outerwear replica, from the early A-1 leather flight jacket or the US Navy 13 Star Peacoat to the

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The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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Sugar Cane 1947 patch

7 Pairs of Repro Denim: Bringing the Classics Back to Life

Denim has a long history that spans over three centuries now. It has gone from a true workwear staple used only by those who needed it to a fabric that has been embraced by the general population and has spawned [...]

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The Real McCoy’s US Navy Denim Parka

For advocates of Japanese Repro brands, links drawn between a new release and a time gone by can be a really exciting thing. The Real McCoy’s, one such brand, has recently come out [...]

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An Introduction To Loopwheeled Sweatshirts

An Introduction To Loopwheeled Sweatshirts

Of all the clothing associated with raw denim it normally shakes down to boots, chambrays, flannels, and sweatshirts. Many of the most revered brands in the raw denim world like Samurai, Studio D’Artisan, The Real McCoys, and The Strike [...]

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6 Pairs of Raw Denim Between $200 and $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350 At a certain level near the top of the raw denim industry are a number of real standout denim manufacturers. From the still relatively speaking low 200 dollars to the closer [...]

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Inspiration LA

Inspiration LA I: Rin Tanaka’s World of Vintage

Editor’s Note: From February 8th-9th, 2013, our staff writer, David Shuck, attended the Inspiration LA trade show. Be sure to check out Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V in this multi-part series. Vintage clothing aficionados of all stripes gathered last weekend in [...]

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Bread & Butter Berlin 2013

Bread & Butter 2013 – Rawr Denim’s Complete Overview

Bread & Butter 2013 – Rawr Denim’s Complete Overview From January 15th through 17th, Berlin held what is considered one of the industry leading tradeshows, the Bread & Butter Tradeshow for Selected Brands, BIG TIME edition. The show celebrated its [...]

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