flat head 3012 feature

The Flat Head Tapered Loomstate 3012 – Just Released

The Flat Head isn’t just one of Japan’s best vintage-style denim brands – they’re also among the most innovative. While many similar companies are content to enjoy steady sales domestically, Flat Head has been carefully pursuing overseas expansion through [...]

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Danny Hodgson, Founder and Owner of Rivet And Hide – Exclusive Interview

Even though Britain is one of the world’s largest and most powerful economies, until recently it lacked its own high-end denim store which left domestic denim heads with no choice but to import their jeans. That changed last year when [...]

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Fade Friday – Flat Head BJ-3 (12 Months, 5 Washes)

Though The Flat Head‘s denim has been featured on Fade Friday several times before, this week is a first for Rawr Denim: a pair worn by a female denim fan. These BJ-3 jeans come from The Flat Head‘s Balder line of [...]

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A Tour of Kojima, Okayama's Projectile Looms And Vintage Shuttle Looms

A Tour of Kojima, Okayama’s Projectile Looms And Vintage Shuttle Looms

Only slightly more than two months after my first visit to Kojima, Okayama, I had the opportunity to return to the heart of Japanese denim production. This time around, I got to see firsthand how denim is woven, getting a [...]

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Bread & Butter Connect 2013

Bread & Butter Connect Summer 2013 – The Denim Showcase

Following up its successful event earlier this year in January, the highly respected Bread & Butter Tradeshow held it’s second, and final, segment for 2013. In an effort to emphasize the show’s ability to bring together (over 500) brands and thousands [...]

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Six Long Wallets To Go With Raw Denim

Our appreciation for denim owes a lot to the Japanese American Casual subculture. While some of its elements have been enthusiastically adopted by denimheads outside Japan – like work shirts, engineer boots, and heavyweight leather belts – others, like flashy [...]

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What Makes Japanese Denim So Special?

Selvedge denim is produced worldwide, but in the denim enthusiast community, Japanese denim is often praised above the rest. Many denimheads consider Japanese fabrics to be the best of all – but what, exactly, makes Japanese denim stand out in [...]

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The Flat Head

How It’s Made – Behind The Scenes At The Flat Head’s Denim Factories

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Kojima in the Okayama prefecture, where I saw first hand how The Flat Head creates their jeans. This is an exclusive look at the manufacturing processes of their jeans. Their unique, decentralized method [...]

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FHXNFXTY Fade Friday

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko (1.3 Years, Unknown Washes)

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x The Flat Head x Tate + Yoko (1.3 Years, Unknown Washes) As some might remember, towards the end of 2011 Naked & Famous and Tate + Yoko teamed up with The Flat Head to create the FHXNFXTY denim. Limited [...]

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DC4 – The Purveyor Of Japanese Denim In Berlin

DC4 is a premium denim shop in Berlin, Germany that has been offering the best of Japanese brands since 2004. Daniel Cizmek, the man behind the store, embarked on this project due to his self-proclaimed “denim addiction”. He initially kicked [...]

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