Taylor Stitch $98 Jeans Return

Once again filling the sub-100 dollar market for raw denim, Taylor Stitch has brought back their double-digit price point jeans. This time around it’s a 14.25 oz. Cone Mills non-selvedge, sanforized denim offered in both their democratic [...]

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Taylor Stitch x Rancourt Moto Boot

Are you sick of Aldens and Red Wings? Yeah, neither are we. However, if you like options, The Moto Boot is a collaboration between San Francisco’s Taylor Stitch and Maine’s Rancourt that you might want to consider. Part of Taylor Stitch’s Moto Collection, it’s made of [...]

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Court Walk-105

Two Third Wave Aprons – Coffee and Denim

Ah, the elixir of life that is a hot mug of coffee. I don’t ever want to say that I’m addicted. Rather, I depend on the stuff as though it were blood running through my veins – a basic, yet [...]

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Taylor Stitch 11 Oz. Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim

As the warmer months take over, clothes become lighter in weight and in colors. And to prepare for the season, Taylor Stitch will be making a pair of jeans that fulfills both of these aspects. Good news if you hate wearing [...]

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The Momotaro x Massdrop Mixup

One of Massdrop’s potential jean drops If you think vintage label Momotaro for $170.00 sounds too good to be true, you’re right. But that was almost the reality for almost 200 users of the group buy website, Massdrop, before Momotaro shut down the deal. Massdrop is [...]

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Featured - Taylor Stitch Nihon Menpu Copper Selvage Denim

Taylor Stitch Nihon Menpu Copper Selvage Denim – Just Released

In 2008, three friends from San Francisco, CA devised a plan to launch their own brand clothing that would produce the best fitting custom shirts. This brand grew into Taylor Stitch. Fast forward to 2013 and we find the once [...]

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Taylor Stitch 360x225

Taylor Stitch Cone Mills Natural Selvedge Denim – Just Released

Now that we’re officially into the heat of summer, it’s definitely time to think of a summer-appropriate denim. Even if you’re a diehard who’s still wearing your heavyweight selvedge, there are at [...]

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Northern Grade

Northern Grade San Francisco 2013 – Re-Cap

This past Saturday the menswear popup, Northern Grade, made it’s second California stop of the season, this time in San Francisco at the 111 Minna Gallery in the city’s Civic Center. Northern Grade is the brainchild of Minneapolis-based label Pierrepont Hicks and [...]

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Top Shops In San Francisco To Buy Raw Denim

Top Shops In San Francisco To Buy Raw Denim San Francisco, California has earned the reputation as the technology center of the world with companies like Apple and Google locally innovating to create products and services that we use everyday. [...]

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Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts - Flannel Denim Collection

Taylor Stitch x Solitary Arts – Flannel Denim Collection

Taylor Stitch x The Solitary Arts Flannel Lined Denim Since 2008, the team behind Taylor Stitch in San Francisco have been working hard to put together the best possible pieces of clothing, starting from the original shirts and branching out more recently [...]

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