JWJ Brand: Spain’s Upcoming Denim Artisans

With Iu Franquesa of Barcelona’s Companion Denim, Spain seems like the next big place for small denim labels. Based on the small Mediterranean island of Mallorca uncle and nephew Jose ‘Pepin’ Vives (left) and Jose Luis Vives (right) have blended [...]

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The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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Sugar Cane 1947 patch

7 Pairs of Repro Denim: Bringing the Classics Back to Life

Denim has a long history that spans over three centuries now. It has gone from a true workwear staple used only by those who needed it to a fabric that has been embraced by the general population and has spawned [...]

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WH Ranch Dungarees And The Lower 48 – Onwards And Upwards

A while back we covered a brand from Colorado called White Horse Trading Co which is owned by Ryan Martin, the sole operator of the brand making everything from start to finish. For Martin, White Horse was an experiment to [...]

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Toys McCoy

Introducing Toys McCoy – Classic & Vintage Military Wear

Japan’s American Casual style incorporates various mid-century American influences into its style – the workwear of factory and railroad workers, the rebellious biker, the west-coat cowboy, and others – but one of the most conspicuous though somewhat under-represented in the [...]

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MF64 featured

Mister Freedom Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans – Just Released

Denim inspired by vintage designs is not a new phenomenon, but California-based Mister Freedom has its defining “Californian” influence proudly at the forefront for the Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans. Inspired by a fairly popular brand and its timeless [...]

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sugar cane jeans featured image

Sugar Cane and Co. Jeans: The Short And Sweet

One of Japan’s largest and most influential American Casual manufacturers is Toyo Enterprises, a company with decades of experience in the Japanese apparel market. Started in 1965 as a supplier for American soldiers in Japan, Toyo‘s present-day brand list includes the military [...]

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NYC Feature

Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim

Self Edge New York – Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim Regardless of your denim preferences, when it comes to purchasing top notch raw denim in New York City, there are certainly no shortage of brick [...]

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featured image2

Take5 Bangkok – Thailand Denim Paradise

I recently had the opportunity to vist the shop Take5 in Bangkok; a denim paradise and a must-stop for denim geeks who visit Thailand. We had previously reviewed Take5 Hong Kong and this shop is another piece of proof for the [...]

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Samurai S510XX 24oz.

Raw Denim Reading – “American Market Kawasaki”

Raw Denim Reading "American Market Kawasaki" As a tech-savvy denim-enthusiast, I spend a fair bit of time combing the internet for news of new models, brands, and happenings in the raw denim scene. Part of that constant search involves visiting [...]

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Oni Denim (Source:http://indigoshrimp.wordpress.com/category/oni-denim/)

4 Years Later – Levis v.s. Japanese Repro Lawsuit Still Fair Game?

Oni Denim (Source: indigoshrimp.wordpress.com) Have you ever wondered why certain raw denim brands have arcuates or arcs (i.e. back-pocket stitching) on their jeans, while others do not? Or that identical pairs of jeans are only differentiated by the design on [...]

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Sugar Cane Vintage Wash Detergent

Sugar Cane Soap – Vintage Wash & Premium Care Detergent

Sugar Cane Vintage Wash & Premium Care Detergent We had the chance to sit down with Sean (mentioned in our earlier post – see “Tokyo Denim Scene Tour – Blue In Green’s Gordon Heffner“) and after sharing his stories [...]

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