How To Keep Raw Denim Rigid and Stiff (with Starch)

On the heels of spelling out the different ways that people can break-in their pair of jeans, it’s interesting to acknowledge that some people want the complete opposite for their denim–they want it crisp. The idea of rigid [...]

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“Customizing” = “Cheating” Your Raw Denim?

Within the raw denim community, there’s an astounding amount of variation in the processes people use to acquire their personal fades. Some folks swear by wearing their jeans sans wash for a minimum of 6 months, others wash them every [...]

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Soaking Raw Denim

Soaking Raw Denim: The Critical Preliminary Step

Caring for raw denim properly is analogous to tending to anything of value.  For instance, if you had a brand new car and hated dealing with any sort of gravel scratches or dings on the front of the hood, you [...]

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How To Clean and Wash Your Raw Denim – Tips, Instructions, Video

One of the biggest bones of contention people usually have with raw denim is how they should be washed and cleaned (also see our earlier post, “After 15 Months without washing, Nudie Pants show ‘normal’ bacteria levels“).  We should probably [...]

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Stiff Effect from Starched Raw Denim

To Starch or Not To Starch, and How

Stiff Effect From Starched Raw Denim Any newcomer to raw denim researching and reading about the topic is always guaranteed to come across the issue of whether or not they should “starch” their raw denim.  Yours truly included, I [...]

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