Momotaro 201 unsanforized fade

Unsanforized Denim – Is It Worth It?

As more people gain exposure to raw denim from brands all over the world, we’ve been hearing a lot of questions that pertain to not just what unsanforized denim is but what actually is the difference between unsanforized denim and [...]

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WH Ranch Dungarees And The Lower 48 – Onwards And Upwards

A while back we covered a brand from Colorado called White Horse Trading Co which is owned by Ryan Martin, the sole operator of the brand making everything from start to finish. For Martin, White Horse was an experiment to [...]

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Equip Yourself For Levi’s Modern Frontier With Three Raw Pieces

By LEVI’s When it comes to denim, the first name that no doubt springs to mind is Levi’s®. With 140 years of experience, not only is Levi’s® the oldest denim company in the world, it has also become such an [...]

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Levi’s 501 Shrink-To-Fit (STF) Denim – The Ultimate Guide

If I can summarize Shrink-To-Fit (STF) in one word it would be “personalization” – how can 501 STF be personal? Aside from the unique historical aspect of the Levis 501, the step-by-step process of getting your pair to fit specifically to [...]

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Tender Co. Type 130 "Unborn" Raw Denim Jeans

Tender Co. Type 130 “Unborn” Raw Denim Jeans

Tender Co. is a one-man brand based in England with a focus in antique workwear and machinery from the Great British Steam Age. William Kroll, the man behind the brand, took the name from the truck in a steam train which carried [...]

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Fade Friday - Levi's Shrink To Fit (6 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Beach Wash)

Fade Friday – Levi’s 501 STF (6 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Beach Wash)

Fade Friday – Levi’s Shrink To Fit (6 Months, 1 Soak, 1 Beach Wash) This week’s Fade Friday features a classic pair of Levi’s 501 STF (Shrink To Fit), courtesy of Rawr Denim forum user, tonyp51d. Check out his forum thread for full details! As his first pair [...]

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5 Things I Wish I'd Known About Raw Denim

New To Raw Denim? – 5 Things I Wish I’d Known

Here at Rawr Denim we normally don’t like to talk about ourselves much. After all this site is about denim, not us. But today I’d like to share with you a few things I wish I’d known when I started [...]

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Fade Friday – Levi’s 501XX (8 Years, Washes Unknown)

Levis 501xx Shrink-To-Fit (8 Years, We’ve been fortunate to feature a wide range of amazing denims in our Fade Fridays thus far; from the shredded and downright dirty to the picture perfect and well-aged. However, we’ve yet to include [...]

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Official LVC Website Updated With Perks

Source: The internet has made our world a much smaller place (It’s a small world, after all…) by allowing lightning-fast access to information from around the globe. Indeed, without it you wouldn’t be reading this article. Therefore, with the [...]

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