Rogue Territory 14.5oz Black Warp Denim: Close-Up Look

A couple weeks ago we introduced Rogue Territory‘s FW’13 collection that included a pretty impressive range of shirts, jackets, and jeans. Not only were there new styles and products, a few of them included a new fabric from [...]

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Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim – Just Released

Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim It’s very common for brands to partner together with other brands or stores and the results are almost always interesting and unique. This time around Samurai Jeans has partnered together with [...]

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SR6 featured

Ande Whall Special Roll #6 (SR6) – Just Released

New Zealand’s one-man brand, Ande Whall, has been featured here on Rawr Denim multiple times before and frequent readers are familiar with his prolific nature. There’s something to the fact that when you purchase an Ande Whall product, you [...]

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3sixteen Decade Collection

3sixteen Decade Collection – Commemorative Denim, Exclusive Interview

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, 3sixteen quietly started in New York as a street wear brand by founder Andrew Chen. The idea behind the brand was and has always been to produce goods that he could [...]

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Eleven Denim Heads To Follow on Instagram

11 Denim Heads To Follow On Instagram

If you’re like me, you probably spend too much amount of time on Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc. While it’s most likely true that less time can be spent looking at shameless selfies, puppy photos, and pictures of food, I’ve found [...]

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photo 3

An Introduction To Red Cotton Denim – One Man Brands

Red Cotton Denim We feature brands on Rawr Denim not because of any kind of paid deal we have with them, but instead because we feel there is something unique about their product, story, and ideas. As we [...]

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Paleo Denim

Paleo Denim – One Man Brands

For the last decade, there has been a growing focus on buying locally made products. With that, many cities are seeing the increase of local breweries, coffee roasters, food manufacturers, and other businesses that are operating on a smaller scale. [...]

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Naked & Famous Elephant 3 and 32 Oz. Heavyweight Denim – Just Released

Naked & Famous has just released the 3rd installment of their heavy Elephant denim, the appropriately named, Elephant 3. Those who have looked around for heavyweight denim know that choices for denim heavier than 14-16 Oz. are limited, [...]

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White Horse Trading Co. Jeans – Artisan And American Ingenuity

White Horse Trading Co. In the world of menswear, particularly denim, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing phrases like “hand-made” or “Made in America“, as well as seeing detailed descriptions of the materials used and process taken. It’s easy to [...]

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Elhaus x NoKipple 01 – World’s First Heavyweight Handwoven Raw Jean

Elhaus X NoKipple 01 Handwoven Jeans (source: With so many brands and stores focusing on their own niches, it’s become pretty common to see collaborations among brands where they combine their specialities and create unique products that showcase what [...]

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Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime

Hartford Denim Company – Guaranteed To Last A Lifetime At some point in our lives, we all have found ourselves sitting around with our friends coming up with somewhat lofty ideas for projects and saying things like, “Wouldn’t it be [...]

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EDWIN Surplus Capsule Collection – Just Released

EDWIN Surplus Capsule Collection EDWIN have just released their newest collection, namely the Surplus Capsule Collection. EDWIN is one of the biggest names in denim and is well known for a consistently producing a wide variety of raw, washed denim, and [...]

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