Fade Friday - Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (21 Months, Washes Unknown)

Fade Friday – Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (21 Months, Washes Unknown)

This might not be the first time we’ve featured the Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues collaborative denim for Fade Friday, but this pair’s contrast and fade patterns were so vivid that it was hard not [...]

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Roy Portland Shirt Featured Image

Roy Jeans The Portland Shirt For Self Edge – Just Released

As per our interview announcing the launch of their new store in Portland, the Self Edge crew have come up with some great new collaborations to [...]

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Self Edge Portland

Exclusive Interview – Kiya Babzani and Tyler Madden of Self Edge Portland

Kiya Babzani of the denim institution, Self Edge, recently announced a fourth store would be joining their line up. In addition to shops in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, Babzani and his team are bringing Self Edge‘s selection of the best [...]

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Japanese Denim

Why Are Japanese Jeans So Expensive?

One of the biggest obstacles to sharing one’s denim hobby is price – it’s likely (if it’s going to be something other than washing frequency) to be the first point of conflict that shows up when conversing about your obsession. [...]

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Self Edge x Dry Bones

Self Edge x Dry Bones Natural Indigo Hank Dyed Jeans (SEXDB19)

It’s no secret that Self Edge has been one busy shop as of late. You might think the team would have their hands completely full with the recent launch of their hemming services, Darn-It!, and upcoming opening of their

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Top Shops To Buy Raw Denim In LA

Top Shops in Los Angeles (LA) to Buy Raw Denim

Los Angeles may inspire images of sun-baked palm trees, endless traffic, and gaudy Hollywood glamour but the SoCal city has much more to offer. The fact that the West Coast is closest to Japanese fabrics, that Downtown LA is currently [...]

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Recycling Denim

Three Ways To Retire Your Worn Raw Denim

It is a sad day that every denim enthusiast must grapple with – the day that a beloved pair of jeans, perfectly worn from hard and raw to soft and broken-in, must be retired. There comes a point, maybe after multiple [...]

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Denim Crotch Blowouts – Why They Happen And How to Avoid Them

Blown Out – A Prime Example Crotch blowouts are inevitable as pretty much any well worn pair of denim will be beset at some point. Though for many this is just a part of the process that can be dealt with [...]

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A Day With 3sixteen

“A Day With 3sixteen” Video By Kellen Dengler

As part of an ongoing series, 3sixteen has saddled up with New York City-based director and cinematographer, Kellen Dengler, to create “A Day With 3sixteen” . The short video documents the brand’s recent trip to their denim factory in San Francisco, CA. Since [...]

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Raw Denim For Body Builders - The Sequel

Raw Denim For Body Builders – The Sequel

Four More Pairs of Raw Denim for Body Builders As some of your may remember, we recently published a piece recommending some of what we’d gathered to be the best jeans for those with slightly larger than average thighs, a [...]

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Darn-It! – Self Edge SF’s New Repair Studio

Decorations in Darn-It! Part of the massive appeal of raw denim is that the longer you wear it, the more personality gets put into the jeans. As many of us put that idea into practice, it’s inevitable that we reach [...]

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Selvedge Denim - An In-Depth Look

Diving Into Selvedge Denim – An In-Depth Look

Original Red-Line Selvedge Denim Though we’ve previously covered selvedge denim, there is so much disparity between different types, colours, etc. that’s it worth exploring in much more granular detail. The History However, before we embark onto some of the specifics of selvedge [...]

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