Iron Heart Jackets - SEXIH07IIIBK, Blanket Lined 21 Oz. Jacket

Iron Heart Jackets – Type IIII Modified, Blanket Lined Indigo Rider

Iron Heart recently added two new denim jackets to their collection, one of which was created in conjunction with denim purveyor, Self Edge. The two rarely, if ever, fail to impress when it comes to their collaborative projects, and both [...]

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Self Edge x Imperial SEXI14 (15 Months, 8 Soaks, 3 Washes)

Fade Friday – Self Edge x Imperial SEXI14 (15 Months, 8 Soaks, 3 Washes)

Today’s Fade Friday features a battered pair of Self Edge x Imperial SEXI14 that has seen far more wear than the average pair. Barely intact with crotch repairs, inseam bobby pins, and holes aplenty, at a glance the jeans [...]

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Self Edge x Imperial SEXI14 (15 Months, 8 Soaks, 3 Washes)

Giveaway – 10 x $100 Rawr Denim x Self Edge Gift Cards

  Since our launch back in March 2011, we’ve been fortunate to see enjoy some nice wins in numerous facets of the site. We continue to gain more visitors and fans every month, consistently bring on talented and passionate writers [...]

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Repair Feature

5 Repair Shops You Can Send Your Jeans To

It is inevitable that if you wear your raw denim long enough they will need some repairs. Whether it is a crotch blow out, a knee rip or any other damage that comes from wearing one pair of pants [...]

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3sixteen+ 34BSP Brown Weft Straight Tapered

Recently, 3sixteen celebrated their 10 year anniversary by releasing a large collection of products that reflect the work they’ve done over the last decade, as well highlights their partnerships with other like-minded people; including brands like Viberg, [...]

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MF64 featured

Mister Freedom Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans – Just Released

Denim inspired by vintage designs is not a new phenomenon, but California-based Mister Freedom has its defining “Californian” influence proudly at the forefront for the Lot. 64 “Californian” Blue Jeans. Inspired by a fairly popular brand and its timeless [...]

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self edge x imperial

Fade Friday – Self Edge x Imperial 14 SEXI14 (7 Months, 1 Sea Wash, 2 Washes)

Just over one year ago, we featured a pair of Imperial x Self Edge SEXI14s on Fade Friday that were just two months in, but somehow possessed some of the most electrifying contrast patterns we’d seen yet. As we’re nearing the one-year mark of that SEXI14S, [...]

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3sixteen Decade Collection

3sixteen Decade Collection – Commemorative Denim, Exclusive Interview

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago, 3sixteen quietly started in New York as a street wear brand by founder Andrew Chen. The idea behind the brand was and has always been to produce goods that he could [...]

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Fade Friday - Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (21 Months, Washes Unknown)

Fade Friday – Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues (21 Months, Washes Unknown)

This might not be the first time we’ve featured the Self Edge x Flat Head x Real Japan Blues collaborative denim for Fade Friday, but this pair’s contrast and fade patterns were so vivid that it was hard not [...]

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Roy Portland Shirt Featured Image

Roy Jeans The Portland Shirt For Self Edge – Just Released

As per our interview announcing the launch of their new store in Portland, the Self Edge crew have come up with some great new collaborations to [...]

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Self Edge Portland

Exclusive Interview – Kiya Babzani and Tyler Madden of Self Edge Portland

Kiya Babzani of the denim institution, Self Edge, recently announced a fourth store would be joining their line up. In addition to shops in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, Babzani and his team are bringing Self Edge‘s selection of the best [...]

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Japanese Denim

Why Are Japanese Jeans So Expensive?

One of the biggest obstacles to sharing one’s denim hobby is price – it’s likely (if it’s going to be something other than washing frequency) to be the first point of conflict that shows up when conversing about your obsession. [...]

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