Roy Cotton Duck Selvedge Foreman Pants

Self Edge is once again stocked with some fresh new Roy goodness. This time it’s his Cotton Duck Foreman Pants. They’re made of a Cone Mills sanforized 10.5 oz selvedge duck cotton that’s been fiber dyed in a fit [...]

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Images courtesy of Self Edge

Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket

New on Self Edge shelves, the Sugar Cane 1953 Type II Unsanforized Raw Denim Jacket is made of a crispy 14.25 oz. selvedge denim and has all the typical Type II trappings – pleated front, dual breast [...]

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Court Walk-105

Two Third Wave Aprons – Coffee and Denim

Ah, the elixir of life that is a hot mug of coffee. I don’t ever want to say that I’m addicted. Rather, I depend on the stuff as though it were blood running through my veins – a basic, yet [...]

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Roy “Big Bro” Red Chambray Short Sleeve Baja Shirt

The latest from Roy has just hit Self Edge stores. Prime for summer wear, the Roy Big Bro Red Chambray Short Sleeve Baja Shirt is 1. thoroughly titled, and 2. full of tricks up the sleeves (and placket). It’s made of a lightweight 6 [...]

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Self Edge “Lost Island” Summer 2015 Lookbook

Denim retail institution Self Edge is back with a seasonal lookbook of their summer offerings. It’s a little denim light for the retailer known for its stock of heavyweights like Iron Heart and The Flat Head, and instead features more of their [...]

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Images courtesy of Self Edge.

Imperial x Self Edge SE23BSP Slim Tapered Jean

From down under and into Self Edge stores comes the Imperial SE23BSP Slim Tapered jean. Note that “x” on the patch to signify the difference between this and their last collab. The fabric, produced by Imperial in collaboration with Self Edge, is [...]

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Fade of the Day – Strike Gold 5105 (9 Months, 4 Washes, 4 Soaks)

Today’s Fade of the Day is a pair of Strike Gold 5105‘s coming to us from Jack Widrick of New York. For work, these jeans were worn in a more business casual context most days of the week. Though, with the Adirondacks in such [...]

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Dad Jeans, Literally – Beneath the Surface

Editor’s Note: As the newest writer to join our team, Robert Lim will be at the helm of the monthly column, “Beneath the Surface“. If you should know one thing about him, it’s that he’s always been interested in culture – his passion since childhood [...]

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Fade of the Day – The Flat Head FW-70 Wallet (6 months)

Today’s fade is actually more of a patina. As we’ve covered in the past, many of our favorite denim brands produce much more than just jeans. The Flat Head, for example, makes shoes, shirts, outerwear, and also wallets. Like this [...]

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3sixteen Unsanforized Kibata Denim (SL-100xk and SL-120xk) & Giveaway!

Fill up the tub with some nice warm water and head over to your local Self Edge for the latest from 3sixteen. Like the trusty ol’ 501 shrink-to-fit jeans our grandfathers swear by, 3sixteen’s SL-100xk and SL-120xk jeans require some careful calculation when finding [...]

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