Fade of the Day – Samurai Jeans 711VX (8 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

In the world of raw denim there are plenty of high-contrast fades to go around, but sometimes they need to be offset with a pair of nice, overall fades. Reader Ryan Hodges gave us just what we needed when he submitted [...]

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Samurai SM610DX-P Before

Samurai SM610DX-P Herringbone Selvedge Denim Work Pant

Crossing into the territory of brands like Carhartt, and Pointer Brand, the Motor Club line under the Samurai label features pieces inspired by garages and gearheads. The latest member of the club is Samurai’s own version of the work pant, the SM610DX-P. Made of [...]

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Fade Friday – Samurai Jeans S510xx (5 Years, 10 Months, 0 Washes, Unknown Soaks)

We’re going full on raw for this week’s Fade Friday, with this pair of Samurai Jeans that have never seen the inside of a washing machine. Reader Mitchell Lucas has worn his pair of 21 oz. S510xx jeans for almost six years without washing [...]

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Fade of the Day – Samurai S710xx (8 Months, 2 Washes, 4 Soaks)

Biking, frequent walks, and working at a vegan restaurant are what cooked up today’s Fade of the Day, a pair of Samurai S710xx‘s. Though they’re weighty at a solid 19 oz., Michal Rechberger has worn them devotedly for 8 months regardless of temperature. It’s resulted [...]

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2015-05-05 07-10PM - Samurai6

Fade of the Day – Samurai S710XX 19oz (6 Months, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Life has been more than a walk (and wash) on a beach for Risandi Pradipto‘s 6 month old Samurai S710XX 19oz jeans. In fact, they practically haven’t left his legs through long bike rides, walks, and boating where they were [...]

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Samurai Jeans S710BKB Black x Black Jean

A 2015 limited edition pair of jeans from Samurai goes more ninja with an all black version of their popular S710 fit. Made of a 17 oz. slubby selvedge denim, both the warp and weft are sulphur-dyed black and [...]

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Samurai S710OG 16th Anniversary Chiso – Recently Released

In celebration of their 16th anniversary, Samurai has recently released their S710OG jean. Though this year’s celebration is considerably smaller than their 15th anniversary collection, their “Chisho Model” jean is just as appealing. It comes in their 710 fit which they describe [...]

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Denimio: The Japanese Denim Retailer with Japanese Prices

Those of us who bleed indigo have often sought to purchase Japanese denim right from the source, particularly due to the lower price. This excursion has led many to come across the store Denimio. But few western denimheads have known a great [...]

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The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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Fade Friday – Heavyweight Denim Competition 2 Halfway Highlights

The second ever Heavyweight Denim Competition (HWDC2) recently passed its halfway point and the results so far have been quite impressive. A record 287 individuals have put their legs to the test for the two year competition, and a [...]

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