Fade of the Day – Samurai Jeans 711VX (8 months, 2 washes, 1 soak)

In the world of raw denim there are plenty of high-contrast fades to go around, but sometimes they need to be offset with a pair of nice, overall fades. Reader Ryan Hodges gave us just what we needed when he submitted [...]

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man kingpins big - 027

NYC Market Week Spring Summer 16: MAN, Kingpins, and Blue in Green

Prepare your eyeballs for the final installment from this summer’s New York Market Week. We’ve already gone over what we saw at the Capsule and Liberty Fairs shows, not it’s time to finish it off. In this update we polish [...]

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Samurai SM610DX-P Before

Samurai SM610DX-P Herringbone Selvedge Denim Work Pant

Crossing into the territory of brands like Carhartt, and Pointer Brand, the Motor Club line under the Samurai label features pieces inspired by garages and gearheads. The latest member of the club is Samurai’s own version of the work pant, the SM610DX-P. Made of [...]

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Fade Friday – Samurai Jeans SO510XX (2 years, 1 wash)

In the movie Yojimbo, Toshiro Mifune plays an itinerant ronin who manipulates two rival gangs against each other to bring peace to a small town. One of the gangs discovers his plan, though, and beats him so badly that he has to [...]

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Fade Friday – Samurai Naniwa Special (2 years, 10 washes, 3 soaks)

It’s not often we feature the same pair of jeans twice on Fade Friday. Most denim is awarded the title posthumously, but some pairs just keep going and going and continue to fade far beyond what we thought was possible. [...]

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Marilyn Monroe in River of No Return

5 Raw Denim Options for Women

Even though Marilyn Monroe killed it in jeans in 1954’s River of No Return, it is no secret that the selvedge and raw denim scene has historically been a boy’s club. With that being said the fairer sex has been voicing [...]

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Samurai S634VX-15th Musashi Model Zero Anniversary Denim

Samurai S634VX 17 Oz. “Musashi Model Zero” 15th Anniversary Denim

If there ever was a brand that loves to do limited edition releases, it’d be Samurai. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary or just because they want to, it seems like they are consistently releasing jeans that feature a [...]

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Samurai Jeans Indigo Dyed Kunai Wabash Pinstripe Shirt and Hunting Cap

Samurai Jeans Indigo Dyed Kunai Wabash Pinstripe Shirt And Hunting Cap

While the average denim head’s focus naturally lies within denim jeans, their interest isn’t limited to this one single garment. Many take a keen interest in other categories, particularly those which are complementary (such as leather boots or

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samurai jeans

Samurai Jeans Spotlight – What You Need To Know

For a brand with such a low profile, Samurai Jeans has unexpectedly become one of the most revered companies in the world of raw denim. For over fifteen years, the company has been working to merge quality and rarity into their [...]

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DC4 Robbed

DC4 Berlin Robbed – Needs Help Recovering Stolen Stock

On Saturday, January 18th, Berlin-based denim specialists, DC4, announced their store had been broken into earlier in the week and robbed of all inventory. As many will know, their collection is made up of some of the most respected [...]

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