Are one man brands sustainable?

Are One Man Brands Sustainable?

When I first got into selvedge denim I would justify the exorbitant cost of my jeans to friends by talking about craftsmanship, vintage looms and clean edges. Sometimes I would even float the myth that the United States sold [...]

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Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt

Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt – Just Released

For a while now, fans of Roy have been asking about a denim shirt that feature the same kind of intricate details that Roy‘s jeans are known for. For the past year or so, pictures of Roy himself wearing [...]

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Roy Big Bro Jeans (CB-1) – Just Released

Roy and Self Edge have announced Roy‘s latest release, the Big Bro CB-1 jeans. The Big Bro is made from a lighter weight denim made specially for him by Cone Mills and is pumped full of details and life, making it [...]

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NYC Feature

Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim

Self Edge New York – Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim Regardless of your denim preferences, when it comes to purchasing top notch raw denim in New York City, there are certainly no shortage of brick [...]

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Cone Mills Featured Image

Meet Your Maker: Cone Mills Of Greensboro, North Carolina

Meet Your Maker: Cone Mills Of Greensboro, North Carolina Cone Mills is one of the last remaining manufacturers of selvedge denim in the United States. Their textile factory in Greensboro, North Carolina turns out quality raw denim around the clock, [...]

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Roy Jeans

The Roy SF01 “Special Fit Jeans” – Just Released

Detailed Pocket-Bag Stitching on a Heavyweight Duck Canvas Bag On March 2, 2013, Self Edge dropped an exciting new jean, the Roy SF01 Special Fit jean that Roy himself had reworked from the standard 5-pocket jean. This is one of [...]

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Blue Jeans - The Fabric of Freedom

Denim Documentary: “Blue Jeans – The Fabric of Freedom”

"Blue Jeans - The Fabric of Freedom" No other garment personifies freedom more than denim blue jeans…what’s old is new again. -Serena Altschul, Blue Jeans – The Fabric of Freedom It might be an outlandish statement to make, but indeed [...]

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Exclusive Interview – Andrew Chen & Johan Lam of 3sixteen

Solely dedicated to crafting timeless and premium products, 3sixteen has grown to become one of America’s most versatile and essential high-end menswear brands. Though the New York City label had its start in graphic tees, it wasn’t until they transitioned [...]

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Raw Denim Manufacturing - Self Edge x Cone Mills x Roy

Denim From Beginning To End – Self Edge x Cone Mills x Roy

Truly understanding what really goes into denim and the complex process behind it is no easy feat. Whether it’s the mention of the machinery terminology or the sight of a massive denim mill, most are rendered intimidated and turn [...]

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Raw Denim Fades – Train Tracks

Train Tracks - Iron Heart 666Sod (source:; user: ThinFinn) Compared to honey combs, whiskers, stacks, or wallet fades, train tracks are a more uncommon fade that occurs along the outseams of the jeans. As [...]

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Top 3 Worldwide Raw Denim Competitions (Part 1/2)

“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.” -Walt Disney Competitions have existed since the beginning of time. Denim competitions haven’t existed quite as long, but they’ve been [...]

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A.P.C. Raw Denim – Best in Value?

A.P.C. – Atelier de Production et de Création A.P.C., the all-around fan favorite minimalist French brand, opened yet another new store this year – this time in Brussels, Belgium.  So far it seems like business as usual.  The new [...]

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