In Search of Dad Jeans – Tellason John Graham Mellor Review

Editor’s Note: Whenever anyone over the age of 40 asks me about getting into raw denim, I always recommend the same pair of jeans–Tellason Ankara 12.5oz. They have a generous fit, they are well made, they have very subtle branding, [...]

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Denimrepair Dot Com Darning Services – Review

As more consumers convert to raw denim, the need for denim repairs increases. Of course there’s no shortage of home repairs, but if you want your jeans repaired by a professional, the options are few and far between. Your local tailor can [...]

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Filson 256 Classic Briefcase Review – Worn Out

Worn Out is our new series of product reviews where we take an in-depth field test with many of the most sought after items. Whether it’s raw denim, shirting, footwear, outerwear, or accessories, we’re here to show you the good, [...]

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Freenote Cloth Rios Modern Slim Denim Review

To paraphrase the elders (or more specifically in this case, Wikipedia), the name denim, “derives from the French serge de Nîmes, referring to the city of Nîmes. The contemporary use of the word “jean” comes from the French word [...]

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Oni 527 Tapered Secret Denim Review

When I set out with the goal of reviewing the Oni 527 jean, I hoped to find out as much information on the model as possible in order to provide an accurate review. Therefore I contacted Blue in [...]

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Norman Russell The Hammer Straight Fit – Denim Review

Norman Russell is a fairly new player in the raw denim world. Founded in the end of 2012 by Kortney Hasting, who named the brand after his grandfather and father, they have been based in LA making small batch denim goods [...]

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SOSO Patch Feature

SOSO Denim Review

SOSO Clothing hails from Stockholm, Sweden, and has been around for about 4 years. The founders, Johan Blom and Jannis Hoff, actually met in Thailand and joined in a mission to offer premium clothing without the usual exorbitant prices. In addition to a [...]

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Kr3w Denim Rehab Jeans – Denim Review

Skateboarding brand Kr3w Denim is looking to step up their denim game for their Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection. They sent us two different fits of a special blend of self healing denim that [...]

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freenote feature

Freenote Cloth Black Selvedge – Denim Review

We introduced the folks at Freenote Cloth a few months back, and we got a chance to catch up with them at various trade shows, including Agenda: Long Beach. The brand [...]

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CG patch

Combatant Gentlemen Indigo Slim Straight Selvedge – Denim Review

Combatant Gentlemen may be a brand unknown to most raw denim aficionados, but it should be on the radar of selvedge denim fans with their semi-recent introduction of an affordable denim line. Previously focusing on areas like suiting, they have [...]

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