6 Signs You Should Probably Wash Your Jeans

Let me start by saying there’s really no right time or wrong time to wash your jeans. Raw denim is a personal journey that only you know when the right time is for your favorite pair of pants to [...]

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Nudie Thin Finn Org Twill repair feature

Fade Friday – Nudie Thin Finn Dry Twill (5 years, 3 washes)

This week’s Fade Friday features an insane pair of Nudie Thin Finns from Mitchell Fong. Nudie is famous for holding fast to the idea that denim should be worn until its absolute death. They have even gone beyond this ethos by [...]

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Denim Crotch Blowouts – Why They Happen And How to Avoid Them

Crotch blowouts are inevitable as pretty much any well worn pair of denim will be beset at some point. Though for many this is just a part of the process that can be dealt with by the owner him or [...]

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Fade Friday – Strike Gold 1105 (2 Years, 13 Washes)

Owner and founder of Self Edge, Kiya Babzani, treats the users of Superfuture to occasional updates and fade pictures of the jeans he’s been wearing. This pair of Strike Gold 1105 [...]

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nudies repair kit

Nudie Jeans Repair Kit (VIDEO)

Thanks to the helpful folks at Nudie, you’ll soon be able to eschew your tailor and fix the fraying spots on your favorite jeans yourself. In this instructional video, Nudie demonstrates how to prolong the life of your current project [...]

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