matias featured

Introducing MATiAS Denim – One Man Brand

MATiAS Denim brand owner Matias Sandoval with his worktable and product While many selvedge denim brands these days play up their proclivity towards heritage, one brand that advertises their use of a more modern style of heritage as primary inspiration [...]

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BIG JOHN x Rockin Jelly Bean Collab #2

BIG JOHN x Rockin’ Jelly Bean Collaboration #2: Coming Soon

We’ve featured Japan’s first major denim brand, BIG JOHN, a number of times before for both their own mainline products and their multiple collaborations with other brands. Building on the momentum formed by 

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OM featured

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit, Midnight Power: Just Released

Two new releases from the Canadian raw denim powerhouse Naked & Famous are here, and they’re sure to please those who are interested in uneven slubby denim and unique weft colour choices. Depending upon interpretation, the brand is well [...]

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BJK featured

BIG JOHN 15 Oz. KIBATA-Like Selvedge Raw Denim – Coming Soon

With the knowledge that BIG JOHN was the first Japanese company to begin producing and selling denim, one knows that heritage runs deep with the brand. For the discerning customers that are looking for a heritage [...]

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WC featured

Ande Whall Wolf Jacket Corduroy Yoke Version – Just Released

Ande Whall Wolf Jacket Corduroy Yoke Version – Just Released On the heels of his recent Wolf Jacket release, the one-man brand, Ande Whall, has decided to revamp the previous offering in a way that’s perfectly fit for fall. Denim [...]

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SR6 featured

Ande Whall Special Roll #6 (SR6) – Just Released

New Zealand’s one-man brand, Ande Whall, has been featured here on Rawr Denim multiple times before and frequent readers are familiar with his prolific nature. There’s something to the fact that when you purchase an Ande Whall product, you [...]

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Industrie Denim Feat

A Visit To Industrie Denim – Striving To Be The Best and Biggest

In the heart of the beautiful San Francisco fashion district lies Industrie Denim, a simple, yet expansive, shop founded in 2011 by American Rag creator, Mark Wert with the mission of being “the best denim store in the world”. While in S.F. recently for 

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Sunny featured

Sunny Sports 1965 8oz Denim Work Shirt – Just Released

It’s well known that Japanese brands frequently cite heritage Americana as inspiration when it comes to their fashion. This trend definitely applies to the Tokyo-based brand Sunny Sports, where they are “strongly focusing on the concept of a [...]

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Japanese Denim

Why Are Japanese Jeans So Expensive?

One of the biggest obstacles to sharing one’s denim hobby is price – it’s likely (if it’s going to be something other than washing frequency) to be the first point of conflict that shows up when conversing about your obsession. [...]

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UBI-iND – Durable Denim For The Everyman

Ubi Simpson, Founder of UBI-iND On a fine and sunny Friday morning in Malibu, CA, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the man and talented mind behind UBI-iND. Ulrich “Ubi” Simpson comes from an impressive background in fashion and [...]

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Living the American Dream: Imogene + Willie

Inside view of the Imogene+Willie Flagship Last Thursday marked the birthday of our neighbours the United States of America. This day in 1776, thirteen colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, and effectually told their oppressive rulers to leave them be. [...]

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Fade Friday – BIG JOHN M1 Thin M106C (18 Months, 3 Washes)

This week’s Fade Friday comes to us thanks to the collaboration of Ryu Adachi, designer at BIG JOHN, and his BIG JOHN M1 THIN (M106C). He wore the jeans intensively the first year before scaling back to roughly twice a week for [...]

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