Left Field NYC x BlackBlue Black Weft Jeans

With their first ever collaboration, Left Field NYC and Minnesota retailer BlackBlue join forces to produce an appropriately tinted jean made from a 15oz. selvedge denim from Collect Mills with [...]

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Nudie Jeans x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Rainbow Warrior

If you’re the type of person that prefers rainbows ON their jeans instead of IN their jeans, then Sweden’s Nudie has the pants for you! Their Grim Tim Rainbow Warriors feature 14oz. of

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Alden for Epaulet Blackjack Plain Toe Boots

The good men and women of Epaulet in New York are back at it with another Alden makeup. This one is a completely blacked-out plain toe boot made in Alden’s Ebony Lady

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Levi’s New 501 CT (Customized Tapered) Denim Fit

Brands look to the Levi’s 501 for denim inspiration and often see it as the benchmark, even going so far as to name their jeans the ‘New Standard‘. It is so iconic and influential that Time magazine even named [...]

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Danner x Uncrate Mountain Light Hiking Boot

In celebration of their expansion to print, the men’s buyers’ guide Uncrate teamed up with Danner to make an exclusive boot. Danner’s classic Mountain Light hiking boot has been the stuff of hiking legend since its introduction in 1979 and through this collab, it’s made [...]

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Noble Denim Small Batch Black Selvedge Jeans

Adding to the small pond of black selvedge jeans, Noble Denim recently released a small batch of jeans made of 15 oz. black selvedge denim from Kaihara Mills. The fabric itself is a mid-weight with black warp yarns, white weft yarns [...]

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Pure Blue Japan Indigo Dyed Beanies

Let it never be said that we don’t appreciate indigo at Rawr Denim. Besides the obvious blue jeans, we’ve covered indigo socks,

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Tenue de Nîmes Announces Own Denim Line

Tempting us with a vague description and disparate pictures, Amsterdam based denim boutique Tenue de Nîmes recently announced that they’re making their own brand of jeans (finally). TdN has collaborated with the likes of Tellason, Momotaro,

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Converse x Levi’s for Beams Selvedge Denim All-Star Sneakers

American pioneers Converse and Levi’s have come together to produce an exclusive sneaker with Japanese retailer Beams. The shoe is a low-top classic All Star style but replaces the traditional canvas upper with another fabric we all know and love. You guessed it: raw denim. It’s [...]

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Naked & Famous Selvedge Lyocell Kimono

Ever pushing the boundaries of denim, Naked & Famous releases their latest version of a traditional Japanese Kimono. Although not the first time a premium brand has produced a modern Kimono, it’s something that fits in with Brandon Svarc’s aesthetic. N&F’s version is [...]

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