simon wahl tate + yoko

Exclusive Interview – Simon Wahl, Store Manager of Tate + Yoko

Spanning three brands, countless fabrics, and a retail store in Montreal, Naked & Famous has grown to become one of the most prominent names in raw denim today. Tate + Yoko represents not only brick and mortar retail for N&F, [...]

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nf scratch and sniff

Naked & Famous Scratch-n-Sniff Mint Denim – Just Released

As Spring/Summer 2014 collections begin to hit retailer’s shelves, we see Naked & Famous unveil yet another what-will-they-think-of-next creation that is sure to raise eyebrows amongst new and seasoned denim heads alike. We’ve recently seen the brand release a pair of 

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NFBW featured

Naked & Famous 12.5oz White/Black Selvedge Denim

Even though much of North America is experiencing the “polar vortex” deep freeze, it’s helpful to remember that spring is only a couple of months away.  Naked & Famous is definitely hoping you’ll think about the changing [...]

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Top 13 Fades of 2013

Top 13 Fades of 2013 – Fade Friday

As long-time readers here well know, every Friday we focus our attention on an aged pair of raw denim jeans through our weekly instalment, Fade Friday. Though not every episode is a fan favourite, there are a healthy handful [...]

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Philly Skyline Feat

Top Shops in Philadelphia to Buy Raw Denim

 The city of Philadelphia can get a bad rap but what’s often shrugged off as the home of just cheesesteaks and Rocky Balboa has undergone an amazing cultural revival in the past few years. As New York has steadily priced [...]

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Featured Naked & Famous Skinny Boy Glow In The Dark Denim

Naked & Famous Skinny Boy Glow In The Dark Denim – Just Released

Naked & Famous are known for pioneering and carving new venues into the denim industry, and this newly released Skinny Boy Glow in the Dark Denim is an example of just that. This jean represents the first instalment of [...]

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OM featured

Naked & Famous Okayama Spirit, Midnight Power: Just Released

Two new releases from the Canadian raw denim powerhouse Naked & Famous are here, and they’re sure to please those who are interested in uneven slubby denim and unique weft colour choices. Depending upon interpretation, the brand is well [...]

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actual feature

Exploring 5 Pairs Of Lighter-Colored Raw Denim Jeans

Fall is nearly here, and Winter isn’t far, but just because your days will be darker doesn’t mean your denim has to be. Following on the heels of the reemerging trend of

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Knowing Your Raw Denim: Slub and Nep

Knowing Your Raw Denim: Slub and Nep

When it comes to the realm of raw denim, two of the most pertinent, yet often misunderstood, characteristics are nep and slub. Though these terms may seem like silly, redundant jargon, we can’t stress enough the importance of these denim traits. Not [...]

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Naked & Famous Short Documentary - "The World's Most Innovative Jeans"

Naked & Famous Denim – “The World’s Most Innovative Jeans” [Documentary]

Claiming to have “the world’s most innovative jeans” may be a lofty and ambitious statement, but when positioned alongside Naked & Famous, it seems to make a lot of sense. Since their inception a little over five years ago, the [...]

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Naked and Famous Jade Denim

Naked & Famous WeirdGuy 13 Oz. Jade Selvedge Denim

Since 2008 Naked & Famous has been pushing the denim envelope and continuing to design and produce some of the most unique and best fitting denim on the market. Their new “Weird Guy” Jade Selvedge does not disappoint and [...]

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Naked & Famous Elephant 3 and 32 Oz. Heavyweight Denim – Just Released

Naked & Famous has just released the 3rd installment of their heavy Elephant denim, the appropriately named, Elephant 3. Those who have looked around for heavyweight denim know that choices for denim heavier than 14-16 Oz. are limited, [...]

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