Momotaro Deep Indigo Brown Weft 15oz “Tight Straight” – Model 0702BR

Momotaro has been one of the more prolific brands releasing a pretty wide variety of denim as well as collaborations with other brands and stores. This time around they’ve released a jean that features one of their more unique [...]

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Momotaro Feature 2

Fade Friday – Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label (11 Months, 1 Sea Wash)

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big fans of Momotaro. The Japanese denim brand was started in 2006 in Kojima in Okayama, Japan and has been producing top quality, premium selvedge denim ever since. Every pair of Momotaro jeans is [...]

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NFM Feature

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes) What do you get when you combine the artisan craftsmanship that Momotaro is so widely known for with the innovation and fits that have made

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Fade Friday – Momotaro 0201 Vintage (14 Months, Many Washes)

Fade Friday this week highlights a pair of Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label jeans worn for 14 months and washed many times. This frequent washing has interestingly brought out drastic contrasts throughout the jeans, particularly in the thigh regions and honeycombs where [...]

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Capsule Man

New York Trade Show Recap – Capsule Man and Liberty Fairs

About a month before New York Fashion Week comes Trade Show week, where brands have a chance to show off their latest collection to a host of buyers and press for the upcoming seasonal cycle. Two of the largest of the [...]

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Bread and Butter Berlin Rising Sun

Bread & Butter Connect Summer 2013 – The Denim Showcase II

For those who missed the first instalment earlier last week, we’re doing a series of reports from the expansive and denim-loving Bread & Butter tradeshow in Berlin. This second piece takes [...]

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5 summer fits feat

5 Pairs of Raw Denim Jeans for Summer

Though it comes a little late in the game, if you’re still looking for a pair of raw denim for the upcoming months, we’ve provided 5 pairs of ready-for-summer denim for the benefit of you and your legs. We tried [...]

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10 Pairs Of Raw Denim With 34″+ Inseams

Tenue de Nimes x Momotaro Being tall and being fashionable is not always an easy feat to accomplish. Personally being 6’3”, I have constantly struggled with finding denim that is able to fit me exactly the way that I want. [...]

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Denim Crotch Blowouts – Why They Happen And How to Avoid Them

Crotch blowouts are inevitable as pretty much any well worn pair of denim will be beset at some point. Though for many this is just a part of the process that can be dealt with by the owner him or [...]

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Japan Feature

Meet Your Maker – Japanese Denim Mills

Meet Your Maker: Japanese Denim Mills Unlike the United States, which has only one remaining manufacturer of raw denim, Cone Mills, Japan is home to many active denim mills that churn out the cream of the world’s premium denim around the [...]

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Momotaro x Blue Owl “Midnight Warrior” Tapered 15.7oz Raw Selvedge (BOM005)

Momotaro x Blue Owl “Midnight Warrior” Announced just a few weeks ago, Seattle based shop, Blue Owl Workshop, recently collaborated with the brand who’s name is derived from Japanese folklore, Momotaro, to create the “Midnight Warrior” Tapered 15.7oz Raw Selvedge (BOM005). This pair [...]

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The History Of And Story Behind Momotaro Jeans

The History Of And Story Behind Momotaro Jeans

Momotaro Jeans, taking its name from Japanese folklore, began in 2005 and since then has continued to produce some of the highest quality, long lasting raw denim on the market. Their production facilities occupy the history rich Kojima region of [...]

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