Fade Friday - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Fade Friday – Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

The busiest people have the ability to fade some of the most unique jeans. This pair of Imperial Shearer comes from Johnny Bravvo - a DJ, avid wood-worker, and raw denim enthusiast. His jeans for this week’s Fade Friday displays the [...]

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BJ feature

Big John KURO2 Type 3 Denim Jacket – Just Released

Big John needs no introduction: their presence in the world of textiles extends back over seventy years and they’re recognized as pioneers within the world of denim. With their recent offering, the KURO2 Type 3 Denim Jacket, the brand [...]

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Samurai Jeans Indigo Dyed Kunai Wabash Pinstripe Shirt and Hunting Cap

Samurai Jeans Indigo Dyed Kunai Wabash Pinstripe Shirt And Hunting Cap

While the average denim head’s focus naturally lies within denim jeans, their interest isn’t limited to this one single garment. Many take a keen interest in other categories, particularly those which are complementary (such as leather boots or

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WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project

WP Lavori: A Japanese Denim Project

For the last 30 years, Italy’s WP Lavori has been curating and collaborating with brands and designers that bring forth high quality products that are made with authenticity at the forefront of their minds. This has lead to partnerships with [...]

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Momotaro Deep Indigo Brown Weft 15oz “Tight Straight” – Model 0702BR

Momotaro has been one of the more prolific brands releasing a pretty wide variety of denim as well as collaborations with other brands and stores. This time around they’ve released a jean that features one of their more unique [...]

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Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim – Just Released

Samurai Jeans 17 Oz. S710BKH Black Hawk Raw Denim It’s very common for brands to partner together with other brands or stores and the results are almost always interesting and unique. This time around Samurai Jeans has partnered together with [...]

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NFM Feature

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes) What do you get when you combine the artisan craftsmanship that Momotaro is so widely known for with the innovation and fits that have made

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Sunny featured

Sunny Sports 1965 8oz Denim Work Shirt – Just Released

It’s well known that Japanese brands frequently cite heritage Americana as inspiration when it comes to their fashion. This trend definitely applies to the Tokyo-based brand Sunny Sports, where they are “strongly focusing on the concept of a [...]

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bybeatle, Jawns and More

Introducing bybeatle – Volume One Okayama Blues Hits London

Editors Note: This article is written by beatle, the co-creator of the 21 Oz. Iron Heart Beatle Buster SBG (among other models), co-organizer of the HWDC2, and founder of the newly established brand, bybeatle. Japanese Denim. I’m of the opinion that it’s a [...]

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Folded top

Naked & Famous x BIG JOHN Collaboration Raw Denim

At this point, it’s become quite common to see brands come together and combine their specialities and talents to create collaboration pieces. We’ve covered many of these collaborations here and this time around, Naked & [...]

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i love ugly Japanese Selvedge Denim – Review

Leather Patch – i love ugly Lately, the masses (read “Rawr Denim commenters”) have been calling for brands to take a more unique and interesting approach when designing raw denim. Unexpectedly, terms such as “slim-straight”, “13-14Oz.” and “Made in the [...]

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BEAM x Levi's

Levi’s x BEAMS 513 Straight Raw Denim – Just Released

BEAMS is traditionally well known for putting their own contemporary Japanese finishes on traditional Americana, a reputation that sets the stage perfectly for their recent collaboration with iconic American denim brand Levi’s. The collaboration features a BEAMS update of the Slim/Straight Levi’s 513, an iconic [...]

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