5 Lightweight Raw Denim Jeans for Summer

Lightweight jeans have begun to catch the attention of denim heads throughout the northern hemisphere. As the temperature and humidity levels continue to climb, it is just too hot for most people to power through with heavy jeans. Sure, readers of Rawr [...]

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3sixteen 101x frontback

3sixteen 12oz 101x – Just Released

As many of us start to feel the weather get warmer, we are putting aside our heavier denim and picking up lighter and softer denim. But unlike the more common mid weight 14+ oz denim, the options for [...]

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Naked x Famous 32,11

The Complete Guide To Understanding Raw Denim Weights

A 32 Oz. and 11 Oz. jean side-by-side. Note that nine pairs of 11 Oz. equals three pairs of 32 Oz. Often you’ll see denim weights shown on Rawr Denim, but may have been wondering what it is [...]

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Rogue Territory RK Denim - Just In Time For Summer

Rogue Territory RK Denim 2012 Spring/Summer – Just Released

Rogue Territory RK Denim - Just In Time For Summer After much anticipation, Rogue Territory has released their Spring/Summer 2012 RK Denim – a slim, lightweight raw denim that is as well constructed and designed as it is well-timed. That’s right, if you [...]

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