1915 501: Original (left), LVC (right)

Levi’s Vintage Clothing – The Golden Handshake

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the legendary partnership between Levi’s and Cone Mills. To commemorate this historic gentleman’s agreement, LVC‘s latest collection pays tribute to the American denim bastion, the 1915 501 jean, and the people who helped [...]

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Cinch Back Jeans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm. Before the popularization of belts and belt loops in the [...]

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Fade Friday – LVC 1944 501 (7 Years, 1 Month, 4 Washes)

In 2008, Fleet Foxes’ eponymous album was released, the recession hit, and these jeans were raw. It’s Fade Friday and today’s pair is practically a senior citizen in denim years. Worn by Nor Sinarimbo, this pair of Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1944 501 jeans have made [...]

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Liberty Fairs Las Vegas Spring Summer ’16 Roundup Pt. 1

We don’t usually double up on the coverage from each tradeshow season, but this one was a little different. As you may have seen, Gerald and I did some work in New York just last month covering all of Capsule, Liberty Fairs, Man, Kingpins, and [...]

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Working Titles: The Sandlot

“You’re killing me Smalls!” The timeless phrase bemoaned by Hamilton, “The Great Hambino,” Porter. For anyone in their 20s and early 30s, it’s been entrenched into our lexicon, ever since The Sandlot was released in 1993. The film follows Scott Smalls, [...]

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vegas shows aw 16 - 181

The Vegas Shows Autumn/Winter 15 Preview – Part III

This is the end. This final post here represents the last of our tradeshow coverage of the upcoming Autumn/Winter 15 season preview, including our friends from Clutch Magazine above. It’s been a wild [...]

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Fade Friday – LVC 1967 505 Rigid (1 year, 1 soak, 0 washes)

1967 was a banner year in world history: China exploded it’s first hydrogen bomb, Apollo I exploded on the launchpad, the Supreme Court swore in its first African American Justice, Thurgood Marshall, and Levi’s introduced this version of the 505, their zip-fly [...]

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Inspiration LA 2015: Part I

Inspiration LA has come and gone again. It was a weekend of vintage and repro fashions capped off by the world famous Rose Bowl Flea Market. Over 100 exhibitors gathered to greet a host of buyers, press, and the general public [...]

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing x Unionmade 1947 501 Jeans

Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Unionmade have just released the 1947 501 jean. This exclusive is part one of a six item celebratory collaboration for the five year anniversary of Unionmade. Levi’s Vintage Clothing sources materials from their own archives to reproduce [...]

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The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: Black Friday Edition

This week’s compendium is going to a be slightly different than usual. Due to the large number of Black Friday sales we won’t be listing individual products but rather the individual stores that have sales and what brands they carry. [...]

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