Fade of the Day – Levi’s Buckle Belt (30 Years)

Today’s Fade is admittedly a patina, but let’s forget about that. And even though it’s from Levi’s, this submission doesn’t fall within the denim category. Reader Nigel Sequeira wore this Levi’s Buckle Belt for a little over 8 years, but the wear [...]

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Tanner Goods Cordovan Horween Watch Straps

As we mentioned earlier this month, Tanner Goods has made a name for themselves by doing simple things very well. Their latest offering, Natural Cordovan Watch Straps, only adds to that reputation. Made out of a single piece of shell [...]

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Fade of the Day and Okayama Denim Giveaway Winner – WMLGoods Notebook Cover (9 Months)

For our Okayama Denim giveaway, we saw a ton of stacks, honey combs, tears and repairs from the dozens of denim submissions thanks to all of you. Today’s Fade of the Day is also the giveaway winner for the non-denim category. Billy Lu isn’t just [...]

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Today’s fade isn’t denim, obviously, but there’s still a little bit of indigo goodness to be found on these broken-in boots. This pair of Red Wing 8173s in Hawthorne Abilene

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Flat Head Delraiser Before Front

The Flat Head Delraiser Horsehide Jacket

Leather motorcycle jackets are – and have always been – cool. Too cool, even, for a certain Rawr Denim writer to don. But that doesn’t forbid me one from gawking. Specifically, the Flat Head Delraiser Horsehide Jacket is one hell [...]

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Images Courtesy: Tate + Yoko

Fade of the Day – Eastland Monroe Horween Russet (6 Months)

A good pair of shoes can be a pretty sight brand new and straight out of the box. But it’s time and wear that give it life and character. These Eastland Monroe boots from the Tate + Yoko Fade Gallery have [...]

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3sixteen x Viberg natural tan chromexcel roughout and black oil tan roughout Service Boot, both sitting on the stacked leather midsole and mini ripple outsole.

Viberg x 3sixteen Service Boots, NYC Launch Party

It seems like Viberg‘s been releasing a lot of new stuff lately. Though, to be sure, we’re not complaining. Their latest release is a collaboration with 3sixteen and features three new pairs of boots. The first is [...]

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Epaulet Unfinished Horsehide Trainers

In the works from Epaulet are a set of Portuguese-made sneakers that will grow darker as your jeans fade to white. Set to deliver in October 2015, the Epaulet Unfinished Horsehide Trainers are made to patina and develop a rich unique [...]

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Fade of the Day – Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger (3 Years)

Today’s fade comes to us from Instagram user nizzel55x. With this being his fifth feature on Fade of the Day or Fade Friday, you may be Nizzled out by now, but we sure aren’t. Keep em coming, Nizz man! DETAILS Name: [...]

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Fade of the Day – Red Wing 3140 Chukka (3 Years)

Today’s fade comes to us from Instagram user Nizzel55x. Mr. Nizzel brings forth today yet another pair of epically beautiful American-made Red Wings… let’s hope he keep ’em coming. DETAILS Name: Red Wing 3140 Fabric: Briar oil slick leather, Atlas tread outsole Unique Features: [...]

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