Oak Street Bootmakers Color 8 Trench Boot

Like most of menswear, the trench boot was originally conceived in the armed forces, specifically during World War I for use in trench warfare. Nearly 100 years after the first official trench boots were made in 1917, the boot is [...]

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Alden x Epaulet Innsbruck Chromexcel Longwing – Just Released

Massachusetts shoemaker Alden has been a longtime collaborator with New York boutique Epaulet since the shop’s inception in 2008. They’ve made at least a dozen unique makeups for the shop and this fall they [...]

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Dawson Denim Hickory & Leather Mercantile Apron – Just Released

Fifteen years of family heritage and a specialist workshop in Brighton, East Sussex forms the anatomy of Dawson Denim. Today, we’re taking a look at their Hickory and Leather Mercantile Apron. In the 1930’s red line selvedge denim was used to [...]

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Tanner Goods Deerskin, Utica Leather Driver Gloves

Expanding their collection of leather products, Tanner Goods have just released a line of handsomely simple driving gloves. The new line of gloves are soft and supple, molding to your hand with each wear. They come in a deerskin leather, a standard [...]

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PF Flyers x Todd Snyder Rambler Hi-Top Leather Sneakers

Merging the aesthetic of a dress shoe and athletic comfort of a sneaker, the new PF Flyers X Todd Snyder collaboration is releasing the Rambler Hi-Top. Since 1937, PF Flyers has utilized the innovative tire manufacturer discovery of vulcanized rubber [...]

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Red Wing Green Kangatan 8180 Sports Boots – Just Released

The legend began in 1905 when Charles Beckman set out to make “truly good shoes”. Since then, Red Wing persevered as a heritage boot brand. In its former years, Red Wing released a unique [...]

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Himel Brothers: The Art of Vintage Leather Jackets

Leather is perhaps the only thing around here that can compete with our love of denim. The grain, the feel, the smell, and the color combine with an indisputable sturdiness that’s near incomparable. Unfortunately, a lot of cheap leather goods [...]

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Know Your Shoe Leathers: The 9 Most Common Options

Man started making leather shoes over five thousand years ago out of deer and bearskin to combat the snow in the Italian alps, but we’ve come a long ways since then. Even though the medium and purpose hasn’t changed, the way we [...]

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Teranishi Canvas Collection

If you’ve been following along in the world of leather goods, you may remember Teranishi Brand, out of Vashon Island, Washington. We covered the brand previously as one of Five Upcoming Leather Brands You Need to Know and most recently for [...]

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Edwin Europe x Blitz Motorcycles Boot By Grenson – Just Released

A love of raw denim often breeds a love of other vintage workwear and motorcycles. The juxtaposition has been made countless times over years by countless designers, and yet it continues to be successful due to the timeless style it [...]

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