Fade Friday – 3sixteen SL-100x (~3 years, unknown washes)

Thank God it’s Friday, because that means we have another Fade Friday for you guys. This time, it’s a well-worn pair of jeans that spent some time down under. This pair of 3sixteen SL-100x jeans comes to us from reader Nathan Crawford of Portland, Oregon, [...]

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Shockoe Atelier Fall/Winter 2015 Core Denim Fabrics

We might just be a little past the half-way mark of 2015, but to say Richmond, VA’s Shockoe has had an interesting year so far would be a big understatement. Founded in 2012, the brand launched with an exclusive focus on [...]

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Picture Credit: John G. Moore

3sixteen x Rivet & Hide RH15 Slim Tapered Jean

Recently released, the RH15 Slim Tapered Jean is the result of 3sixteen‘s first ever collaboration with European retailer Rivet & Hide. The fit is similar to their ST, but all new and is a mid-rise jean with a slim [...]

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Fade of the Day – 3sixteen ST-100x (1 Year, 6 Months, 1 Wash)

Today’s Fade of the Day has got enough whiskers for an entire litter of cats. Kenny Tan of Singapore has worn his pair of 3sixteen ST-100x jeans for a year and half with a single wash and has developed an impressive amount of [...]

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Introducing Olé Denim

Say hello to Olé Denim. Based out of Canada and produced in the United States, Olé was formed not too long ago in 2013. But Olé isn’t just some schmuck off the street who thinks he can get in on the raw [...]

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3sixteen’s Tour of Kuroki Mills: Denim From Start to Finish

New York’s 3sixteen has long had the honor of being one of the only small raw denim companies with their own proprietary fabric. They developed their 14.5oz 100x selvedge denim with Japan’s 

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Denim by PV Part I: Kuroki and Nihon Menpu Mills

Founding editor Nick Coe and I recently attended the international textile tradeshow Denim by Premiere Vision in Barcelona, Spain. The show brought together a hundred different exhibitors from twenty different countries to show everything the world’s denim community. Over the next few [...]

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Clutch Monkey: Denim Vests With all the Trimmings

Raw denim Kickstarter campaigns are a heavily debated topic, one that polarizes denim heads between the potential of easier access to the fabric they love versus a disdain for a companies that focus on a [...]

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Denim by Premiere Vision: The Theme and the Players

We’re just two weeks away from Denim by Premiere Vision, the largest denim fabric trade show in the world. As we reported a couple weeks ago, the show draws in industry pros from all over the world who make, cut, [...]

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Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim – One Man Brands

For our newest instalment of the One Man Brands series, we take you across the Atlantic to meet Iu Franquesa of Barcelona, Spain. He is the owner and sole employee of Companion Denim, one of the first spanish denim [...]

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