Iron Heart 634SR

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634SR (2 Years, Multiple Washes)

Though we try to reserve our weekly Fade Friday segment for those worn pairs of denim that are thoroughly photographed (fit photos, included!), this now-extinct pair of Iron Heart 634SR was just too impressive to pass up. Originally featured in one of Iron Heart‘s

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IH-666 Featured Image Small

Iron Heart Devil’s Fit 21 Oz. Superblack Denim (IH-666SB)

As the Devil’s Fit is one of the most demanded styles from the team over at Iron Heart, it should come as no surprise that they received numerous requests to produce the denim in black and responded with an amazing [...]

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Iron Heart

Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Limited Edition 25 Oz. (IHxBxHCx25oz)

Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster Heavyweight Championship 25 Oz. Denim (IHxBxHCx25oz) It started as just a bit of wishful thinking, but with the thoughts of the first Heavyweight Denim Championship fresh in my mind, all I knew was that I [...]

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Iron Heart Beatle Buster

Fade Friday – Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart Beatle Busters (Two Years, Many Washes) It’s been well over 2 years since the Iron Heart Beatle Buster has hit the market – and as you can imagine, it’s been an adventure from day one. Not [...]

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NYC Feature

Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim

Self Edge New York – Top Shops In New York City To Buy Raw Denim Regardless of your denim preferences, when it comes to purchasing top notch raw denim in New York City, there are certainly no shortage of brick [...]

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Iron Heart Denim

Iron Heart’s Latest Denim Shirts – IHSH-75 and IHSH-76

The Iron Heart IHSH-75 Iron Heart is a brand synonymous with rugged durable looks – think lumberjacks or motorcycle mechanics. Whenever I see these types of shirts, I think of the Marlboro Man or Richard Avedon’s In The American West. [...]

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6 Pairs of Raw Denim Between $200 and $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350

6 Pairs Of Raw Denim Between $200 And $350 At a certain level near the top of the raw denim industry are a number of real standout denim manufacturers. From the still relatively speaking low 200 dollars to the closer [...]

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DC4 – The Purveyor Of Japanese Denim In Berlin

DC4 is a premium denim shop in Berlin, Germany that has been offering the best of Japanese brands since 2004. Daniel Cizmek, the man behind the store, embarked on this project due to his self-proclaimed “denim addiction”. He initially kicked [...]

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Leather Belts

5 Natural Leather Belts That Complement Raw Denim

5 Natural Leather Belts That Complement Raw Denim As a follow up to our previous feature, “7 Leather Boots That Complement Raw Denim“, we would like to present five natural leather belts that also pair and age beautifully alongside your [...]

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Iron Heart Event At Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies

On February 19th, Singaporean denim store Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies held their second Iron Heart party, an instrumental part of the Iron Heart South-East Asia tour 2013. Tuckshop retails brands such as Mister Freedom, Red Wing, Rising Sun & Co., [...]

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Iron Heart 634S-RAW

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634S-RAW (8 Months, 8 Washes)

Fade Friday – Iron Heart 634S (8 Months, 8 Washes) Iron Heart is one of the primary staples of heavyweight denim for good reason. Honestly, this pair is as tough as nails. This week’s Fade Friday takes a look into [...]

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5 Raw Denim Shirts

5 Raw Denim Shirts – Flat Head, Iron Heart, LVC And More

Raw denim shirts are a basic garment for denim enthusiasts looking to branch out from jeans. It gives a different fade experience than a pair of jeans or a denim jacket, mostly because its gets more frequent washes due to [...]

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