Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel Coffee – Behind The Fades

Editor’s Note: We’ve spent the better part of five years featuring examples of worn, beaten up, and faded denim, but rarely do we get a look into the people that made it that way. In our new monthly series Behind the [...]

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Fade Friday – Iron Heart 666S (13 Months, 1 Wash, 1 Soak)

The steady march of fantastic fades coming out of Southeast Asia doesn’t let up with this Fade Friday, a marbleized beauty of Iron Heart jeans. Reader Ivander Christian Sihombig didn’t go easy on his pair of 666S jeans over the past 13 months, subjecting [...]

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Iron Heart Drops Prices Due to Weak Yen

Iron Heart products just became a little less expensive. It’s all because of the weakening of the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar and British Pound. As a result, we’ll see prices drop by about 10% overall on [...]

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Fade of the Day – Iron Heart 634S (17 months, 1 wash, 2 soaks)

Reader Art has put his Iron Hearts to the test after nearly a year and a half in his pair of 634S heavyweight jeans. Details Name: Iron Heart 634S Fabric: 100% cotton Japanese selvedge denim Weight: 21oz. Fit: Straight Unique Features: Iron Heart arcuates and patch Iron [...]

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Iron Heart Heavyweight Striped Tee Sweaters

How does Iron Heart do a t-shirt? The answer is: very heavily, of course. Their new super heavyweight striped tees are beefier than beefy tees past and look like something out of The Wild One, especially underneath a leather jacket. [...]

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Iron Heart x Vater & Sohn Indigo Duck Type I Jacket

Collaborating with Vater & Sohn, the hog riders over at Iron Heart released a Type I jacket several weeks ago, but we thought it deserved a little more attention. It’s made of a sanforized but unwashed duck canvas, which should develop relatively quick fades [...]

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Iron Heart 777S 21oz. Slim Tapered Jeans

Iron Heart makes one of the toughest jeans around, but they’ve never exactly made the slimmest. Most of their jeans are cut so liberally that the patterns don’t tolerate using the selvedge on the outseam. Their latest fit, however, [...]

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Iron Heart 666SII Double Indigo Slim Fit Jeans

Iron Heart gives us indigo crocked legs with their latest jeans, the 666SII Double Indigo. The jeans are cut in their infamous ‘Devil’s Fit’ which is a slim silhouette and are made of a selvedge denim that’s comprised of both an indigo [...]

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A well-worn Redmoon wallet.

Rawr Denim’s Guide to Leather Wallets

As many raw denim fans can attest, stepping into the world of selvedge tends to open the door to a new perspective on other items of rugged fashion – like belts, boots, and jackets.  But there’s no accessory more symbiotic [...]

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The Raw Denim Sales Compendium: November 21

Denim sales come and go, which is why we’ve dug deep to compile a list of all the current raw denim special offers. Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction our sales compendiums have gotten we’ve decided to ramp them up [...]

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