Self Edge Portland

Exclusive Interview – Kiya Babzani and Tyler Madden of Self Edge Portland

Kiya Babzani of the denim institution, Self Edge, recently announced a fourth store would be joining their line up. In addition to shops in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, Babzani and his team are bringing Self Edge‘s selection of the best [...]

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Takanori Enami Evisu Designer

A Brief Conversation With Takanori Enami – Design Director of Evisu

Takanori Enami With it’s name inspired by Japanese folklore, Evisu was founded in 1991 and have been in operation now for more than 20 years. They proclaim to not only have initiated the denim replica movement around the world but also [...]

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Jason Heath

Interview – Jason Heath, Denim Doctors & Hollywood Trading Company

Jason Heath in his natural habitat I’ve been pitching the idea of interviewing Los Angeles repair shop, Denim Doctors & Hollywood Trading Company, for some time now. What makes this shop different is the care and exceptional detail they give [...]

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Feature picture

Zace Myers Overall Co. – One Man Brands

Zace Myers Overall Co. – One Man Brands Zace Myers is a man of exceptional nature, though one would even go as far as to call him an unlikely candidate for the life that he leads. Born in Arizona, Myers [...]

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Will Berman, Unwashed Denim featured

A Conversation With Will Berman of Unwashed Denim Co.

Back in January we featured a small brand, Unwashed Denim, and its owner, Will Berman, as part of our One Man Brands series. I remember reading the article and being blown away that a young individual such as Berman was doing something this momentous [...]

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R. Perkins MFG

R. Perkins MFG – One Man Brands

R. Perkins MFG – One Man Brands If you want a thing done well, do it yourself – Anonymous To many of us in the raw denim world, this old English proverb might mean something along the lines of visiting [...]

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Blue Blanket

Inspiration IV – Blue Blanket and Eat Dust

Editor’s Note: From February 8th-9th, 2013, our staff writer, David Shuck, attended the Inspiration LA trade show. Be sure to check out Part I, Part II, and Part III in this multi-part series. One would think that in Italy, the land of Pitti [...]

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A Few Words with Tim DiDonato of 1791 Supply & Co.

 This past week I had the pleasure to chat with Tim DiDonato, design manager of 1791 Supply Co. 1791 is a New York/Dallas, TX based denim company that also specializes in shirting and graphic tees. Established in late 2011 the brand [...]

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rogue territory denim goods

One Man Brands – Karl Thoennessen and Rogue Territory

Editor’s Note: One of the most exciting aspects in clothing today is the revival of cottage industry manufacturing. The growing trends of small domestically made products, online based boutiques, and consumer appreciation for small business have all converged simultaneously in [...]

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Kari Svarc Interview

Kari Svarc on Naked & Famous’ Womens Collection – Exclusive Interview

We were given an opportunity to speak with Kari Svarc – the sister of Naked & Famous founder Brandon Svarc – who played a major role in the development and relaunch of Naked & Famous‘ women’s [...]

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Left Field NYC

Christian McCann of Left Field NYC – Exclusive Interview

Left Field NYC We were given the chance to have a chat with Christian McCann, owner of the acclaimed NYC based denim house, Left Field NYC. Over the course of this interview he tells us what his company is all [...]

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United Stock Dry Goods Look Book FW 12

Sydney Mamane of United Stock Dry Goods (Pt. 2) – Exclusive Interview

Sydney Mamane of United Stock Dry Goods (Pt. 2) – Exclusive Interview The following is the second part of our interview with Sydney Mamane, the co-founder and designer of United Stock Dry Goods. If you missed it, be sure to check [...]

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