Jason Denham, Founder of Denham - Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham, Founder of Denham – Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham (L), Paul Travi of RawrDenim.com Though just five years young, Denham Jeans has accomplished more in its short lifespan thus far than many other companies and brands hope to accomplish in a lifetime. By the numbers, their portfolio currently consists [...]

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Johan Lindstedt, Nudie Jeans Designer

Johan Lindstedt, Designer at Nudie Jeans – Exclusive Interview

Whether you’re a newcomer to raw denim or a seasoned pro, it’s very likely than not that you’ve heard of Nudie Jeans. Founded in 2001 in Gothenburg, Sweden, the label has been instrumental in growing the popularity of raw denim [...]

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Farhad Samari

Farhad Samari, Photographer Passionate In Denim – Interview

Based in Los Angeles, California, Farhad Samari is a prolific photographer with deep experience in a wide range of spaces and industries. Though he is not dedicated to one specific niche, he has always held a special affinity with denim and [...]

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David Hieatt, Founder of Hiut Denim – Exclusive Interview

David Hieatt (source: The Holborn Mag) Over the last couple years, we’ve kept a close and interested eye on David Hieatt and company at Hiut Denim. This attention wasn’t just because of their high quality products but also because of [...]

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Christophe Loiron, Founder of Mister Freedom – Exclusive Interview

Originally hailing from France, Christophe Loiron is the founder and designer behind the esteemed California-based brand, Mister Freedom. Loiron is known for his relentless dedication to vintage menswear and it is through his brand – which doubles up as a retail space and [...]

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ROY Denim

A Conversation With Roy Slaper of ROY Denim

“Have you heard of this guy who makes jeans in his apartment in Oakland?” This was 3 years ago and the first time I heard about Roy Slaper. At the time, he had just begun to gain some attention on [...]

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rhys davies

A Conversation with Rhys Davies, Sales Director of EVISU

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Rhys Davies, the Sales Director of one of the best known Japanese raw denim companies, EVISU. Through our conversation, Davies shed some light on his background, how EVISU deals counterfeit products, their design [...]

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Self Edge Portland

Exclusive Interview – Kiya Babzani and Tyler Madden of Self Edge Portland

Kiya Babzani of the denim institution, Self Edge, recently announced a fourth store would be joining their line up. In addition to shops in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, Babzani and his team are bringing Self Edge‘s selection of the best [...]

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Takanori Enami Evisu Designer

A Brief Conversation With Takanori Enami – Design Director of Evisu

Takanori Enami With it’s name inspired by Japanese folklore, Evisu was founded in 1991 and have been in operation now for more than 20 years. They proclaim to not only have initiated the denim replica movement around the world but also [...]

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Jason Heath

Interview – Jason Heath, Denim Doctors & Hollywood Trading Company

Jason Heath in his natural habitat I’ve been pitching the idea of interviewing Los Angeles repair shop, Denim Doctors & Hollywood Trading Company, for some time now. What makes this shop different is the care and exceptional detail they give [...]

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