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Introducing Brave Star Selvage

Brave Star Selvage These days selvedge and raw denim have moved away from the shadows in which they hid and have emerged into fashion’s spotlight. A quick walk through any clothing store will most likely find some [...]

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Diving Into the World Of Fake And Faulty Raw Denim

With millions of pairs of jeans produced annually, the denim market is a popular and large target for the imitation industry, and no doubt a growing concern for many companies. Simply put, the more successful and well-known a brandname, for [...]

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Raw Denim Refined - THVM Jeans

Raw Denim Refined – THVM Jeans

Raw Denim Refined – THVM Jeans Brought to our attention by a local retailer, thvm (somehow pronounced “them”) is a brand that almost manages to slip by unnoticed. Luckily, that’s in line the goals of the label. According to thvir their [...]

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Unbranded Jeans

My PoV on Unbranded – Don’t Like Them? Then Don’t Wear!

Around Oct 2010, I was looking around for a new pair of raw but like most, wasn’t in a position to break the bank for a pair.  I looked around on various forums and sites and was reminded of a [...]

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