Fade of the Day – Folta & Co. 027-50 (13 months, 2 washes, 5 soaks)

Indonesian-faded jeans are featured prominently here at Rawr Denim thanks to our many readers there, but it’s not every day that we get to talk about Indonesian-made jeans. Reader Pandu Kharisma has worn his pair of Folta & Co. 027-50 jeans for a little over a [...]

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5 Indonesian Denim Brands You Should Know

Hang around raw denim for long enough and it’s inevitable to hear someone mention Indonesia. The climate–hot and humid on a cold day–juxtaposed against a fiercely passionate denim culture creates some of the most consistently impressive fade results, period. If [...]

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IndigoSkin Fade Friday

Fade Friday – IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday – IndigoSkin V-Series (11 Months, 2 Soaks, 1 Wash) This pair of IndigoSkin V-Series comes courtesy of Milanestar; who has been wearing his jeans for 11 months and submitted them to two soaks and one wash so far. While close-up [...]

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Elhaus x NoKipple 01 – World’s First Heavyweight Handwoven Raw Jean

Elhaus X NoKipple 01 Handwoven Jeans (source: With so many brands and stores focusing on their own niches, it’s become pretty common to see collaborations among brands where they combine their specialities and create unique products that showcase what [...]

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Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim Review – 4.25/5

Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim – Review About two and a half months ago, I was asked to review a pair of Akaime A510-XX’s. At the time, I’d never heard of Akaime, but as a lover of all raw denim, I said absolutely. Two [...]

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Elhaus Denim

Elhaus – A Distinctly Indonesian Denim Dynamic

Elhaus Denim – Indonesian Born And Bred (Photo Source: As the inaugural post of a series of articles covering lesser known brands, we begin with the Indonesian brand Elhaus. Launched in 2010, in Jakarta, Indonesia, the brand focuses on clean, [...]

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Official Announcement – Heavyweight Denim Championships 2013-2015

Megatron1505 and Beatle – the organizing team behind the Heavyweight Denim Championship 2 Months after first announcing that the Heavyweight Championships would indeed have a Round 2, here is the official overview. Since then, however, developments have moved pretty fast and [...]

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Rawr Denim Reviews - OldBlue Co. WWII Repro

OldBlue Co. WWII Repro – Denim Review

Rawr Denim Reviews – OldBlue Co. WWII Repro In recent years, Indonesia has become a major location for denim and vintage Americana. Taking full advantage of lessons learned from the Japanese repro boom, South-East Asian markets are quickly becoming hotbeds [...]

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