Fade Friday – Hanzo TS105SS (19 months, 6 washes, 0 soaks)

I’m seriously considering disqualifying fades from Southeast Asia–they’re just too damn good! The climate and heavy denim culture there makes for the perfect storm of amazing raw denim evos like this one from Jakarta, Indonesia. I imagine a giant blue [...]

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Fade Friday – The Flat Head 1001 (4 years and 2 months, 4 washes, 9 soaks)

I’m not sure if photographers have the best jeans or it just seems that way because they take the best photos of their jeans. Either way, this pair of The Flat Head 1001s from photographer and reader Bhisma Diandra are truly something to behold. Worn [...]

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Folta and Co

Folta & Co. – Nearly 5 Years of Indonesian Raw Denim

As far as passionate denim countries go, Indonesia ranks up there with best of them; so much so that even Iron Heart and Self Edge felt it appropriate to pay tribute to the region. Folta & Co. is based in [...]

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PMP featured

Pot Meets Pop Fall/Winter 2013 Collection – Just Released

Indonesia’s Pot Meets Pop aren’t that well known in North America, but their significant following in Southeast Asia hints at the worthy products that they put out. Most recently the brand released their Fall/Winter 2013 Collection with an [...]

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Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim Review – 4.25/5

Akaime A510-XX Raw Denim – Review About two and a half months ago, I was asked to review a pair of Akaime A510-XX’s. At the time, I’d never heard of Akaime, but as a lover of all raw denim, I said absolutely. Two [...]

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Bluesville – A Natural Combination Of Dye, Talent, And Tradition

In a market where the customer places increasing value on natural, organic material, and heritage manufacture and design, Indonesia’s Bluesville stands alone for their incorporation and use of their country’s natural resources and talent. Founded in 2011 by partners Osi, [...]

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Maine St

Maine St – Toe-To-Toe With The Wild West

Maine St. – Hand brogue detailing on a top cut of leather In my experience, people who love quality raw denim also tend to love their footwear. Browse any denim forum and you will find a footwear section, browse any [...]

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Oldblue Co. Workwear Type II

Oldblue Co. Work Pants Type II – Natural x Natural Indigo

Oldblue Co. Work Pants Type II – Natural Indigo x Natural Indigo As of late Indonesia has been carving out quite a nice niche in the dry denim scene. Having done their homework and learning to emulate the greats of [...]

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Elhaus Denim

Elhaus – A Distinctly Indonesian Denim Dynamic

Elhaus Denim – Indonesian Born And Bred (Photo Source: darahkubiru.com) As the inaugural post of a series of articles covering lesser known brands, we begin with the Indonesian brand Elhaus. Launched in 2010, in Jakarta, Indonesia, the brand focuses on clean, [...]

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Rawr Denim Reviews - OldBlue Co. WWII Repro

OldBlue Co. WWII Repro – Denim Review

Rawr Denim Reviews – OldBlue Co. WWII Repro In recent years, Indonesia has become a major location for denim and vintage Americana. Taking full advantage of lessons learned from the Japanese repro boom, South-East Asian markets are quickly becoming hotbeds [...]

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