Fade Friday – Hiut Denim Regular (15 months, 5 washes)

It doesn’t make a terrible amount of sense that Southeast Asia has taken to raw denim so passionately. With tropical temperatures and humidity, it seems like wearing heavy cotton pants would equate to masochism. Yet those same factors have led to [...]

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David Hieatt, Founder of Hiut Denim – Exclusive Interview

David Hieatt (source: The Holborn Mag) Over the last couple years, we’ve kept a close and interested eye on David Hieatt and company at Hiut Denim. This attention wasn’t just because of their high quality products but also because of [...]

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Danny Hodgson, Founder and Owner of Rivet And Hide – Exclusive Interview

Even though Britain is one of the world’s largest and most powerful economies, until recently it lacked its own high-end denim store which left domestic denim heads with no choice but to import their jeans. That changed last year when [...]

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Hiut Denim Co. Organic The Slim

Hiut Denim Co. Organic “The Slim” Denim – Just Released

We’ve previously featured Hiut Denim and their unique story, in large part because we agree with their adage to “Do one thing well”. Up to this point they’ve been focusing their energies [...]

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photo via Hiut

Hiut Denim Co. – Narrowly Focused And Full Of Purpose

Hailing from the misty moor of Cardigan, Wales, Hiut Denim Co has utilized every little bit of the town’s denim manufacturing heritage to drive their business forwards with the focussed goal of doing one thing exceptionally. As we touched upon when [...]

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Hiut Denim - Welsh Raw Denim Revival

Hiut Denim Co. – Welsh Raw Denim Revival

Hiut Denim - Welsh Raw Denim Revival What do you do when the jeans factory responsible for employing people in your small town packs up and leaves you behind? You start your own denim label and factory, of course! That’s the [...]

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