Darn-It! – Self Edge SF’s New Repair Studio

Decorations in Darn-It! Part of the massive appeal of raw denim is that the longer you wear it, the more personality gets put into the jeans. As many of us put that idea into practice, it’s inevitable that we reach [...]

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Union Special

What’s So Special About The Union Special?

The Union Special, known to most by that name in the denim community, is the industrial sewing machine 43200G manufactured by Union Special. Originally manufactured in 1939, it was widely acclaimed to the point that it made the cover [...]

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How To Clean and Wash Your Raw Denim – Tips, Instructions, Video

One of the biggest bones of contention people usually have with raw denim is how they should be washed and cleaned (also see our earlier post, “After 15 Months without washing, Nudie Pants show ‘normal’ bacteria levels“).  We should probably [...]

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