Fade of the Day – Unbranded UB101 (14 months, unknown washes)

Today’s Fade of the Day is the workhorse of the entry level jean market and our pick for the best buy for newcomers. Even at under $100, the Unbranded 101 shows that it can [...]

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Fade of the Day – Rogue Territory Supply Jacket (7 months, 0 washes)

Today’s Fade of the Day comes to us from Reddit r/rawdenim user karanimal, he’s put seven months of hard wear into this Supply Jacket and it still has loads of life and indigo to lose. Details Name: Rogue Territory Denim Supply Jacket [...]

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5 - pW8qCUB

Fade of the Day – The Flat Head SE05BSP (5 years, 1 wash)

Today’s fade comes to us from Reddit’s r/rawdenim user heyits420. He’s put half a decade worth of work into his Flat Head x Self Edge collab jeans and he’s got the combs to show for it. Details Name: The Flat Head SE05BSP Fabric: [...]

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Blue 7 Clean Start Fading Project 2014

This post comes to us courtesy of Ethan Hickerson of Oklahoma City denim boutique Blue 7 and chronicles their latest Clean Start event. Check our update from last year’s Clean Start for more info. Clean Start is [...]

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Fade Friday – Lee 101 Rider (15 months, 3 washes)

The spotlight for this week’s Fade Friday in on this classic pair of Lee 101 Riders. This beautiful pair has been worn with dedication for 450 days and has only seen 3 washes. They’ve even seen a few repairs along [...]

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steel feather

Fade Friday – Steel Feather SF0121 (16 Months, 2 Washes)

This week’s Fade Friday comes to usfrom the founder and owner of Britain’s Rivet and Hide, Danny Hodgson. This pair of Steel Feather SF0121 have been beautifully broken in over the course of 16 months and [...]

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Momotaro Feature 2

Fade Friday – Momotaro 0201 Vintage Label (11 Months, 1 Sea Wash)

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big fans of Momotaro. The Japanese denim brand was started in 2006 in Kojima in Okayama, Japan and has been producing top quality, premium selvedge denim ever since. Every pair of Momotaro jeans is [...]

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NFM Feature

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes)

Fade Friday – Naked & Famous x Momotaro Collab #2 (2 Years, Many Washes) What do you get when you combine the artisan craftsmanship that Momotaro is so widely known for with the innovation and fits that have made

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As Authentic As What?

As Authentic As What?

Everything is authentic. From sweatshop manufactured sweatpants, to hand-woven Momotaro jeans, to the non-dairy creamer in your coffee, the word authentic is bandied about at will. Yet in menswear, authenticity is an almost universally positive term often uttered in the same breath as ‘quality’ [...]

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Eat Dust Fit 67

Fade Friday – EAT DUST Fit 67 (21 Months, 1 Wash)

Fade Friday – EAT DUST Fit 67 (21 Months, 1 Wash) Antwerp, Belgium may seem like an unlikely place to start a denim brand, but that is exactly where Eat Dust denim calls home. Founded by friends, Keith and Rob, who [...]

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