Fade Friday – DIY Jeans (8 Months, Unknown Washes)

This week’s Fade Friday may not be the most contrasty of fades, but the dedication is found not so much in the wear patterns as it is in the pattern making. Like many of us, Kristian Heitkamp was fed up with [...]

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Fade Friday- Lee 101 Logger (7 years, 0 washes)

Everyone wants their jeans to fade quickly, but they also want their jeans to last for years, though that’s certainly not always possible. Jamey Coppen of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has been wearing this pair of Lee 101 Loggers for seven [...]

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Fade Friday – Hanzo NR105 (9 Months, 2 Soaks)

Ah, Friday. The end of the work week signaled by the metaphorical checkered flag that is Fade Friday. This time Rawr Denim reader Bibil Isman graces us with his pair of Hanzo NR105 jeans which he’s only worn for 9 months with 2 soaks. The [...]

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Fade Friday – Warpweft SP-03 Irregular Weft (14 months, 4 washes, 1 soak)

Indonesia strikes again this Fade Friday, with a killer pair of jeans from local brand Warpweft. Reader Nanda Pratama has worn his pair of SP-03 Irregular Weft jeans for just over a year of motorcycle riding and general activities. These jeans lost their indigo quickly and, as advertised, irregularly. [...]

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Fade Friday – Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill (2 years, 3 washes, 1 soak)

Indonesia does it again with a stellar (and most likely painfully earned) fade on a pair of Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Skinny Guy jeans. These aren’t heavyweights like many of our Southeast Asian denimheads seem to prefer, so it’s especially [...]

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Fade Friday – Samurai Jeans SO510XX (2 years, 1 wash)

In the movie Yojimbo, Toshiro Mifune plays an itinerant ronin who manipulates two rival gangs against each other to bring peace to a small town. One of the gangs discovers his plan, though, and beats him so badly that he has to [...]

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Fade Friday – Sage Marcher 22oz (13 Months, 2 Washes, 1 Soak)

Today’s fades are brought to you from Rawr Denim reader Faried Hardiansyah from Indonesia. You know what they always say- heavy denim brings heavy fading, and this pair of Sage Marcher 22oz is no exception. Daily college living paired with [...]

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Fade Friday – Old Blue Co. 21/23oz. Beast (1 year, 3 washes, 1 soak)

Some jeans are worn for comfort, some are worn for work, and some are worn for glory. This pair falls squarely into that last camp. Adli Rafdi wore this pair of Old Blue Co. Beast 21oz. pre-wash/23oz. post-wash jeans for a year in Yogyakarta, [...]

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Fade Friday – Imperial Prospector (1.5 years, 0 soaks, 0 washes)

These Prospector jeans from Australia’s Imperial started off with very high prospects: a slim tapered jean made from 14oz. of raw Japanese denim. Luckily, reader Kenneth Dang was able to strike it rich with the [...]

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Fade Friday – Crossover Denim Chennai (6 months, 1 wash)

Thailand, man. Thailand. It does things to a pair of jeans, as does our perennial Southeast Asian fader nong33. Nong bought this pair of Crossover Denim Chennai’s at Pronto’s Siam Square location in December of 2013 and wore them every single day for six [...]

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