Fade Friday – Fullcount & Co. 2737 Jacket (9 months, 1 soak, 1 wash)

Fading a pair of raw denim jeans to grail status often takes years of dedication, forgoing washes, and near daily wear. Fading a jacket usually takes even longer–it’s not worn as much, there’s not as much stress or friction. Not [...]

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The Best Raw Denim Fade of 2014

The people have spoken. After several thousand votes on our Top 10 Fade Fridays, we’re proud to announce that the prestigious title of Top Fade of 2014 goes to [...]

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Fade Friday – The Top 10 Raw Denim Fades of 2014

As long-time readers here well know, every Friday we focus our attention on an aged pair of raw denim jeans through our weekly installment, Fade Friday. Though not every episode is a fan favorite, there are a healthy handful that [...]

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Fade Friday – Uniqlo MIJ Slim Fit (11 months, 5 washes)

Once upon a time, there was an international clothing empire and they made some pretty great jeans. The denim was rope indigo dyed and woven in Japan, they had the subtle but practical details like hidden rivets, they were made [...]

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Fade Friday – Unbranded UB101 (1 year, 0 soaks, 2 washes)

In the last couple years, the Unbranded Brand quickly supplanted A.P.C. as the default starter raw denim. And for good reason, they’re cheap, made well, and still produce some pretty great evos. The massive [...]

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Fade Friday – Big John M1 Gunjo (3 years, 3 soaks, 0 washes)

Fade Friday is upon us again, and this week’s iteration has been three years in the making. In late 2011, Mayari Mailoa picked up this pair of Big John’s and they [...]

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Fade Friday – Gustin Heavy American (7 months, 3 washes, 0 soaks)

Some of us are denim masochists, torturing ourselves with the tightest, stiffest, most uncomfortable pants imaginable. Then there are denim sadists, who prefer it the other way around–inflicting pain onto the denim instead. Today’s Fade Friday falls in the latter camp. This pair of Gustin Heavy [...]

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Fade Friday – Nudie Gunnar Shirt Organic Dry (5.5 months, 1 wash, 1 soak)

If the photos from this week’s Fade Friday look a little familiar, relax, you haven’t gone denim crazy. They’re coming from Rawr Denim Forum user Zin (Instagram user, @nizzel55x), whose IH-666s were featured

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Fade Friday – Rogue Territory SK (13 months, 4 washes, 4 soaks)

This week’s Fade Friday is a Rogue Territory SK feature. Fellow reader and forum user [...]

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Fade Friday – Lee 101Z 23oz. (21 months, 0 washes, 0 soaks)

It’s not often we revisit a pair of jeans for a second update. Achieving Fade Friday status usually means taking denim to a point well past retirement. But there are a select few that keep going well beyond what [...]

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