Benzak Denim Developers BDD-006, BDD-016 – Now Available

Back again from Amsterdam, Benzak Denim Developers have released two new crafted pairs of denim: BDD-016 and the BDD-006. After successful crowdfunding and an impeccable attention to world crafters, Lennaert Nijgh has proven his renowned six-pocket jean [...]

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BDD patch

Benzak Denim Developers Launches New Crowdfunder

We introduced you to Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) a couple of years ago. Based in Amsterdam, Holland, the one-man brand is operated by Lennaert Nijgh, who finishes every pair of [...]

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The Denim Run, Eindhoven: A New Way to Express Denim Love

Two weeks ago the sun was shining on the Dutch city of Eindhoven, but a mass of blue figures on the streets overshadowed the bright day. This was the passing of  The Denim Run, a ride set up by two [...]

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Denham Jeans New Store

Denham Flagship Store Opening in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Front view of the store (left); mens section (right) Dutch denim brand Denham Jeans have recently expanded their means of offering their wares to the world by opening a new Denham flagship store in Amsterdam this May. Located at Hobbemastraat 8 near the famous [...]

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Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) 2013 Collection – Sneak Preview

Lennaert Nijgh from Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) recently took us through a preview of his new 2013 Fall/Winter collection, which should be released this coming August. This collection is based on three different cuts, the BDD-006, BDD-047 and BDD-071; each of which is presented individually [...]

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Atelier Ladurance 2013 Lineup – Sneak Preview

Atelier Ladurance recently dropped a new collection of denim jeans which is shaping up to be one of their best in the last couple of years. Though this is just a sneak peek of what’s to come, we will have [...]

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Indigo Roosters

Indigo Roosters 2013 – A Collection of Indigo Textiles

Indigo Roosters 2013 – A Collection of Indigo Textiles An exhibition showcasing a range of indigo textiles, Indigo Roosters was held from March 23 – 31, 2013 as the brainchild of two colleagues and denim enthusiasts – Miles Johnson, Creative Director of LVC and Levi’s Made and [...]

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featured image

Railcar Fine Goods x Tenue de Nîmes – Denim Review

Railcar Fine Goods x Tenue de Nîmes – Denim Review Around September 2012, California denim builders, Railcar Fine Goods, partnered up with Amsterdam denim purveyors, Tenue de Nîmes, and released teaser details on a co-op project that they had in the works. Fast [...]

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Olaf Hussein - Seeking To Tap Into Your Inner Wanderer

Introducing Olaf Hussein – Seeking To Tap Into Your Inner Wanderer

Do you often feel like you live in “a landscape filled with a complete…indirectness”? Do you despair over the thought that “The growth of the human race has removed us from coal mines and rice paddies, to offices and [...]

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G-Star’s Spring/Summer 2013 Art of Raw Campaign

G-Star’s Spring/Summer 2013 Art of Raw Campaign

2013 and G-Star have recently delivered us The Art of RAW, the Spring/Summer campaign from the Dutch denim brand. The campaign encapsulates the many aspects of raw by playing with a number of unexpected combinations, including a collaboration with dance music producer [...]

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