Denim Demon Small

aajja Japan: Denim Demon x Momotaro Collaborative Raw Denim

Continuing the introduction of Sweden’s very own  Denim Demon, we profile one of the brand’s most exciting pieces, the aajja Jamtli Japan Jean. Just when we thought that things couldn’t get better for the Swedes, Denim Demon teamed up with famed Japanese denim [...]

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Altamont Apparel

Altamont Apparel – Raw Denim For Skateboarders

While it is not every day that unlikely players in the raw denim scene pop up on our site, the brands that do seem to come out of left field are often well warranted and worth your time. Today we [...]

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Oldblue Co. Workwear Type II

Oldblue Co. Work Pants Type II – Natural x Natural Indigo

Oldblue Co. Work Pants Type II – Natural Indigo x Natural Indigo As of late Indonesia has been carving out quite a nice niche in the dry denim scene. Having done their homework and learning to emulate the greats of [...]

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Denham Taper

Fade Friday – Denham Taper (600+ Days, 5 Washes)

For our final Fade Friday of 2012, we feature a very special denim that was along to us (and also posted) by Jan of DenimHunters. This pair of Denham Tapers is owned by Jeffrey DuPont, an assistant manager at

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Stovall and Young – USA Crafted Raw Denim

Today we introduce to you Stovall and Young, a thriving new denim house out of San Francisco, CA aiming to bring their customers a tough as nails pair of raw jeans that are made start-to-finish in the USA. Sean Young [...]

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Beretta Jeans - The Hague, The Netherlands

Baretta Jeans – A Denim Social Club And Haven

Baretta Jeans – The Hague, The Netherlands It’s easy to buy raw denim online today – it’s become increasingly simple to measure your favorite pair and order based off of what you see on brands or store’s internet representations. There [...]

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