Rain of Darn-It! – Exclusive Interview

Anyone who has worn their denim for a long period of time knows that at some point all that wear takes its toll on the fabric and rips and holes will form. With people investing more money, time and effort [...]

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Darn-It! – Self Edge SF’s New Repair Studio

Decorations in Darn-It! Part of the massive appeal of raw denim is that the longer you wear it, the more personality gets put into the jeans. As many of us put that idea into practice, it’s inevitable that we reach [...]

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norman porter featured image

Norman Porter Company – The Culmination Of Three Generations

Norman Porter Company Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Norman Porter is the brainchild of two brothers, Michael and Dave Stampler, and their close friend John. The company itself is thenamesake of the Stampler brothers’ grandfather, the illustrious Norman Porter. The [...]

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3Sixteen+ 12bsp Large Selvedge

How To Repair Selvedge After Denim Alteration

The Common Side Effect of Tapering Denim - A Funny Looking Selvedge Note: This post is a guest post submitted by David Zheng. If you’d like to follow him and his work, check out his tumblr. Denim adjustments of any scale [...]

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How To Repair Raw Denim Holes & Blowouts via Darning

Repairing Raw Denim – The Darning Technique (source: ajchen.com) Without a doubt, one of the biggest annoyances one has to endure in their raw denim journey is the multitude of rips, tears, holes, and all-encompassing blowouts. What may first seem like [...]

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