THE REAL McCOY’S Lot. 003J WWII Replica Denim Jacket – Coming Soon

Following our article on THE REAL McCOY’S Lot. S003 WWII replica jeans, here’s our introduction of their partner in crime: the Lot. 003J denim jacket. Like we explained about [...]

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Bing Crosby Denim Tuxedo: Denim History

It turns out that Bing Crosby was dreaming about more than just a “White Christmas.” The mid-century crooner and actor was famous for dressing to the nines in his Road to… movies with Bob Hope, but offscreen he was a die-hard fan [...]

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Eternal 886 Jacket - Review

Eternal 886 14 Oz. Jacket – Review

In February of last year, Eternal released its 886 jacket. The jacket is built to resemble the famous Levi’s Type II with a boxy frame and two patch pockets. Renowned denim retailer Blue In Green carries both the 886 and 887 (modelled after the Type III) and I got the [...]

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BJ feature

Big John KURO2 Type 3 Denim Jacket – Just Released

Big John needs no introduction: their presence in the world of textiles extends back over seventy years and they’re recognized as pioneers within the world of denim. With their recent offering, the KURO2 Type 3 Denim Jacket, the brand [...]

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front back final w logo feature

Freewheelers & Company “Ironall” 10 Oz. Work Jacket

Many Japanese companies have jumped into the repro (reproduction) movement, striving to recreate vintage American clothing with close attention to original details. Freewheelers & Company, a Japanese clothing brand, takes this to a completely new level. Using bygone days of [...]

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Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012

Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Denim Jacket – Just Released

Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Railcar Fine Goods has been pretty busy over the last year and as a result they have gained a strong reputation of creating well made jeans all made in-house in their workshop in Arcadia, CA. With [...]

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Iron Heart Jackets - SEXIH07IIIBK, Blanket Lined 21 Oz. Jacket

Iron Heart Jackets – Type IIII Modified, Blanket Lined Indigo Rider

Iron Heart recently added two new denim jackets to their collection, one of which was created in conjunction with denim purveyor, Self Edge. The two rarely, if ever, fail to impress when it comes to their collaborative projects, and both [...]

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rogue territory

Rogue Territory End-Of-Year Collabs – Need Supply and Hollows Leather

Rogue Territory must be one of the busiest brands around these days with the amount of collaborations and projects they’re engaged with. As the year ends, Karl Thoennessen and co. have taken some ideas and a wool blanket [...]

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Found Collection at Cone Mills - Pieces of History

Found Collection at Cone Mills: Pieces of Denim History

These days you can pick off the rack any shade of denim in any condition, from pristine to beat-to-hell. As we know as well, raw options in today’s denim marketplace are the exception rather than the rule. But there [...]

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Bleu De Paname Denim Double Comptoir Jacket

Since inception in 2008, Bleu de Paname has quickly risen to become one of the leading producers of European streetwear and through their knack for re-visiting classic french workwear, their following has grown worldwide. Based on this success, it comes as no [...]

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Nezumi Denim Co. Fall/Winter 2013 Collection: Just Released

Earlier this year we introduced a new Swedish brand, Nezumi Denim Co., who had just released a limited run of 50 jeans with plans of releasing several more styles of jeans and jackets down the road. [...]

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Rogue Territory Fall/Winter 2013

Rogue Territory Fall/Winter 2013 – Stanton Jeans, Jackets, and More

Rogue Territory Fall/Winter 2013 – New Releases For many of us, Summer is coming to a close and we’re heading into the Fall and Winter seasons. This means that it’s that time for brands to shift away from lighter weight [...]

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