Soap Nuts – Denham’s New Way to Wash Jeans

Watch out, Woolite Dark, Denham is marching in on your turf! The Amsterdam based brand introduced a new campaign for washing your jeans–Soap Nuts. They may look new to you but hippies have been (barely) doing their laundry with these dried [...]

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Fade of the Day – Denham Razor VJS (1 Year, 2 Months, 0 Washes)

Today’s FOTD features one pretty pair of Denham Razor VJS jeans. RD reader Bert van Orden from the Netherlands kept it short and sweet telling us about his jeans- “I did a lot of cycling.” Apparently cycling was all you [...]

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Amsterdam Denim Days Bluerprint 2015

Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 Part II – Blueprint

Nearly two months ago, we trekked across the Atlantic Ocean and descended upon Amsterdam for the annual Amsterdam Denim Days festival. In part I of our coverage, we recapped our visit to the famous denim textile show,

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Amsterdam Denim Days 2015 Returns April 13-18

The red-light city of Amsterdam is turning blue for the second annual Amsterdam Denim Days. You may remember our coverage from last year (part I and

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Jason Denham, Founder of Denham - Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham, Founder of Denham – Studio Visit and Interview

Jason Denham (L), Paul Travi of Though just five years young, Denham Jeans has accomplished more in its short lifespan thus far than many other companies and brands hope to accomplish in a lifetime. By the numbers, their portfolio currently consists [...]

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Bread & Butter Connect Summer 2013 – The Denim Showcase III

This is the third and last report from the Bread & Butter event in Berlin, Germany (for our previous instalments, see part I and part II). This time we will run the rule over a [...]

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Denham Jeans New Store

Denham Flagship Store Opening in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Front view of the store (left); mens section (right) Dutch denim brand Denham Jeans have recently expanded their means of offering their wares to the world by opening a new Denham flagship store in Amsterdam this May. Located at Hobbemastraat 8 near the famous [...]

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Butcher of Blue: Book Presentation and Exhibition

Three years ago, Jason Denham of Denham Jeans and Bob Rijnders of Butcher of Blue conceived the idea of producing a limited numbered run of one hundred pairs of The Butcher Jean. The collaborative project’s goal was simple albeit slightly ambitious. Enlisting the help of each customer, the [...]

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Denham 5 Year Anniversary Book

Denham 5 Years Anniversary Book Launch Party at 14 oz.

Denham 5 Years Anniversary Book Launch Party at 14 oz. On the first night of Bread & Butter trade show last month, a number of ambassadors from the denim community gathered to attend the [...]

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Bread & Butter Berlin 2013

Bread & Butter 2013 – Rawr Denim’s Complete Overview

Bread & Butter 2013 – Rawr Denim’s Complete Overview From January 15th through 17th, Berlin held what is considered one of the industry leading tradeshows, the Bread & Butter Tradeshow for Selected Brands, BIG TIME edition. The show celebrated its [...]

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