1915 501: Original (left), LVC (right)

Levi’s Vintage Clothing – The Golden Handshake

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the legendary partnership between Levi’s and Cone Mills. To commemorate this historic gentleman’s agreement, LVC‘s latest collection pays tribute to the American denim bastion, the 1915 501 jean, and the people who helped [...]

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Fade of the Day – Left Field NYC Green Heather Chelsea (13 Months, 4 Washes)

Today’s fade is brought to you by Christopher Brown from San Antonio, Texas. His Left Field NYC Green Heather Chelsea’s use Cone Mills denim with an indigo warp and green weft which, when faded, give a particular [...]

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Taylor Stitch $98 Jeans Return

Once again filling the sub-100 dollar market for raw denim, Taylor Stitch has brought back their double-digit price point jeans. This time around it’s a 14.25 oz. Cone Mills non-selvedge, sanforized denim offered in both their democratic [...]

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Fade of the Day – Rogue Territory Raw Denim Work Shirt (13 Months, 1 Wash, 1 Soak)

Denim shirts are classic, and often a staple of many a denimhead’s wardrobe for a reason: they give you fades on your upper body. Today’s fade comes from reader Melvin Gomez of Canada, who has worn this Rogue Territory Raw Denim Work Shirt [...]

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Court Walk-105

Two Third Wave Aprons – Coffee and Denim

Ah, the elixir of life that is a hot mug of coffee. I don’t ever want to say that I’m addicted. Rather, I depend on the stuff as though it were blood running through my veins – a basic, yet [...]

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Cone Mills Denim Celebrates 110 Year Anniversary

Cone Mills has come a long ways since that first spool of bobbin thread came off the line in April of 1905. Just a decade later they began producing fabric for American denim giant Levi’s, and now their White Oak [...]

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man kingpins big - 027

NYC Market Week Spring Summer 16: MAN, Kingpins, and Blue in Green

Prepare your eyeballs for the final installment from this summer’s New York Market Week. We’ve already gone over what we saw at the Capsule and Liberty Fairs shows, not it’s time to finish it off. In this update we polish [...]

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Indigo Chore Coats – Five Plus One

Editor’s Note: We’ve put together many buying guides in the past, whether’s that’s jeans for summer or where to look on Etsy. That’s going to become a more regular feature with our new weekly installment of Five Plus One, [...]

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Fade of the Day – rag & bone RB15X (2.5 Years, 0 Washes, Unknown Soaks)

Here to help you through hump day are Victor Garrison‘s pair of rag & bone RB15X jeans. He achieved those whiskers over a period of 2.5 years with plenty of soaks but no washes. Surprisingly there are no rips, tears, or holes on [...]

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Fade of the Day – Left Field NYC Cone Mills 13oz. Greaser (15 Months, 2 Washes)

Today’s fades come all the way from Seoul, South Korea, where HoYoung Seo has worn these Left Field NYC Cone Mills 13oz. Greaser jeans for 15 months of work and life, resulting in some serious loss of indigo. And [...]

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