3sixteen+ 577BSP featured image

3sixteen+ New Women’s Release: 577BSP with Limited Edition Dye Collab

As many of you have noticed, the raw denim world is very male heavy with brands offering mostly only denim for guys. Although we try to bring exposure to brands that are making jeans cut for women, it’s [...]

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billiam jeans

Introducing South Carolina’s Billiam Jeans: Raw Denim with a Cause

It seems that these days new denim brands are dime a dozen. As positioned in our past state of the union article, newer brands are really having to differentiate themselves in order to set themselves apart from the rest. I abide by [...]

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NORSE PROJECTS Three Jeans Selvedge Denim

Rather than focusing on the overload of details that many companies utilize in order to establish some semblance of uniqueness, Norse Projects likes to keep their jeans as simple as possible. Though their latest product, the Three Jeans Selvedge Denim, [...]

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Howies Denim – An Eco-Friendly Initiative

For over a decade, Welsh “active clothing” company Howies has been churning out a product mix that sees their raw, selvedge denim merchandised side-by-side with their in-house line of everything from merino base layers to cycling bibs. An eclectic combination like [...]

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Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim - One Man Brands

Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim – One Man Brands

Iu Franquesa of Companion Denim – One Man Brands For our newest instalment of the One Man Brands series, we take you across the Atlantic to meet Iu Franquesa of Barcelona, Spain. He is the owner and sole employee of

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Roy Big Bro Denim Shirt

Roy Big Bro Natural Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt – Just Released

For a while now, fans of Roy have been asking about a denim shirt that feature the same kind of intricate details that Roy‘s jeans are known for. For the past year or so, pictures of Roy himself wearing [...]

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bridge lead

Bridge&Boro: All in the Family

Bridge&Boro: All in the Family The story behind the Bridge&Boro really begins in the 60′s, when Carmelo Bari immigrated to New York City from Sicily. An expert pattern maker and tailor, Bari came to New York—then the center of the [...]

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Natural Selection Denim

Introducing Natural Selection Denim – Denim Meets Darwinism

Founded by John Park in 2009, Natural Selection Denim adds further proof to the fact that the Brits are just as passionate about raw denim and the fades they produce as anyone else. Calling themselves a “contemporary British [...]

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Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012

Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Denim Jacket – Just Released

Railcar Fine Goods Deuce X012 Railcar Fine Goods has been pretty busy over the last year and as a result they have gained a strong reputation of creating well made jeans all made in-house in their workshop in Arcadia, CA. With [...]

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WH Ranch Dungarees And The Lower 48 – Onwards And Upwards

A while back we covered a brand from Colorado called White Horse Trading Co which is owned by Ryan Martin, the sole operator of the brand making everything from start to finish. For Martin, White Horse was an experiment to [...]

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Circle A Brand - One Man Brand

Russell Shurtz, Circle A Brand – One Man Brand

Russell Shurtz started his Circle A Brand out of necessity. Shurtz, 35, who says his height is somewhere between Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Simon, couldn’t find jeans that fit and were tight enough in his punk rock days in [...]

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Found Collection at Cone Mills - Pieces of History

Found Collection at Cone Mills: Pieces of Denim History

These days you can pick off the rack any shade of denim in any condition, from pristine to beat-to-hell. As we know as well, raw options in today’s denim marketplace are the exception rather than the rule. But there [...]

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