New Balance M1300DC Denim Sneakers – Coming Soon

New Balance has been upping their street-style credentials ever since the likes of GQ and J. Crew began pushing the brand’s iconic 574‘s years ago. Since then, urban sartortialists have been found donning an increasing array of the brand’s sneakers with suits, jeans, [...]

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Folta and Co

Folta & Co. – Nearly 5 Years of Indonesian Raw Denim

As far as passionate denim countries go, Indonesia ranks up there with best of them; so much so that even Iron Heart and Self Edge felt it appropriate to pay tribute to the region. Folta & Co. is based in [...]

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Copin Denim

Introducing Copin Denim – Driven By Diligence, Striving For Perfection

Hailing from the denim hub that is San Francisco, CA, Copin Denim launched just a mere 5 months ago in October 2013 by husband and wife duo, Brian Rather and Anne Curtis Rather. While the idea of starting a company with their spouse may [...]

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Featured Image Type II

Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket Overview: Type I, II and III

As a reader and writer of Rawr Denim, I’ve notice that denim jackets haven’t been getting nearly enough attention. Nudie‘s Perry 826 jacket , Iron Heart IH-526BJ  and our very own Fade Friday Flat Head 6002W all draw inspiration [...]

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A Few Words with Tim DiDonato of 1791 Supply & Co.

 This past week I had the pleasure to chat with Tim DiDonato, design manager of 1791 Supply Co. 1791 is a New York/Dallas, TX based denim company that also specializes in shirting and graphic tees. Established in late 2011 the brand [...]

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rsun patch

Rising Sun & Co. Straight Razor Denim – Review

When you reach the upper echelons of denim ($300+) it’s not so much about which jeans are objectively better or worse but what brand’s vision might fit your personal taste the best. It’s pretty much all good, just all slightly [...]

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norman porter featured image

Norman Porter Company – The Culmination Of Three Generations

Norman Porter Company Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Norman Porter is the brainchild of two brothers, Michael and Dave Stampler, and their close friend John. The company itself is thenamesake of the Stampler brothers’ grandfather, the illustrious Norman Porter. The [...]

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Stanley & Sons Denim Apron with Leather Straps

Stanley & Sons Raw Denim Apron with Leather Straps Made in Brooklyn, Chris Grodzki crafts aprons and bags that will last lifetimes. The occupation is befitting, given the history of his family in the bag- and apron-making industry since the [...]

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A Rough Guide To Levi’s 501 Vintage Jeans – 1947 to 1966

A Rough Guide To Levi’s 501 Vintage Jeans – 1947 to 1966 In honor of July 4th, what could be more fitting than a rundown on the most influential years of America’s favourite denim. Following our

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