Oak Street Bootmakers Color 8 Trench Boot

Like most of menswear, the trench boot was originally conceived in the armed forces, specifically during World War I for use in trench warfare. Nearly 100 years after the first official trench boots were made in 1917, the boot is [...]

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Viberg x Leffot G.F. Leather Boot – Upcoming Release

Eighty years of handcrafting and a refined approach to style have married the most essential elements of Viberg and Leffot to create the Viberg X Leffot G.F. Boot. Viberg celebrates a family heritage of work boot crafting, founded by Ed [...]

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Oak Street Bootmakers Chocolate Suede Campus Chukka – Just Released

Known for their domestically crafted footwear, Oak Street Bootmakers have just released a classic suede chukka with features that you might not notice…until you’re caught in the rain. Through collaboration with famed leather tannery Horween, they were able to produce a suede that’s [...]

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Thursday Boot Co. Diplomat – Boot Review

High-end boot manufacturers like Alden, Viberg, and Dayton are well renowned for their history and construction, as well as their slim and classic stylings that straddle the line between serious work [...]

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Red Wing Green Kangatan 8180 Sports Boots – Just Released

The legend began in 1905 when Charles Beckman set out to make “truly good shoes”. Since then, Red Wing persevered as a heritage boot brand. In its former years, Red Wing released a unique [...]

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Know Your Shoe Leathers: The 9 Most Common Options

Man started making leather shoes over five thousand years ago out of deer and bearskin to combat the snow in the Italian alps, but we’ve come a long ways since then. Even though the medium and purpose hasn’t changed, the way we [...]

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Edwin Europe x Blitz Motorcycles Boot By Grenson – Just Released

A love of raw denim often breeds a love of other vintage workwear and motorcycles. The juxtaposition has been made countless times over years by countless designers, and yet it continues to be successful due to the timeless style it [...]

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Red Wing Heritage Blacksmith Collection – Just Released

Red Wing Heritage has released a versatile work boot derivative of the brands archives, Blacksmith.  Updated from the brand’s Beckman boot, the Blacksmith collection offers a nitrile sole, and four now rougher [...]

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The History and Inspiration Behind Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes has long since been a brand of choice for those looking for a sturdy shoe that will age well and last alongside their denim. It’s a reputation well [...]

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Rivet and Hide x Last & Loom New Zealand Made Boots

Over the last seven years, the Wakefield Hotel has become New Zealand’s premier denimhead destination. Fronted by denim-guru and SuperFuture veteran, Hemi Pou, the Wakefield stocks 3sixteen, Iron Heart, Strike Gold,

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