Original Vintage Levi’s 501 Big “E” XX For Sale On Ebay

There’s no shortage of niche menswear items being collected and then sold on sites like eBay, etsy, or Rakuten. With some savvy web searching and an ever-vigilant eye, you can find some really special pieces to add to your closet. [...]

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Diving Into the World Of Fake And Faulty Raw Denim

With millions of pairs of jeans produced annually, the denim market is a popular and large target for the imitation industry, and no doubt a growing concern for many companies. Simply put, the more successful and well-known a brandname, for [...]

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A Rough Guide To Levi’s 501 Vintage Jeans – 1873 to 1944

1922 Levi’s Vintage Clothing 501 – Complete with belt loops, suspender buttons and back cinch The 501 is undoubtedly Levi’s stand-out jean; and to be the icon of a company as old as Levi”s (founded in 1873!) is no mean feat. [...]

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