Benzak Denim Developers BDD-006, BDD-016 – Now Available

Back again from Amsterdam, Benzak Denim Developers have released two new crafted pairs of denim: BDD-016 and the BDD-006. After successful crowdfunding and an impeccable attention to world crafters, Lennaert Nijgh has proven his renowned six-pocket jean [...]

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BDD patch

Benzak Denim Developers Launches New Crowdfunder

We introduced you to Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) a couple of years ago. Based in Amsterdam, Holland, the one-man brand is operated by Lennaert Nijgh, who finishes every pair of [...]

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Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 Part II – Blueprint and More

Be sure to check out Part I of our coverage on Amsterdam Denim Days. It came as no surprise that the Amsterdam Denim Days team was sure to create [...]

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Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) 2013 Collection – Sneak Preview

Lennaert Nijgh from Benzak Denim Developers (BDD) recently took us through a preview of his new 2013 Fall/Winter collection, which should be released this coming August. This collection is based on three different cuts, the BDD-006, BDD-047 and BDD-071; each of which is presented individually [...]

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Dutch Raw Denim - An Overview BDD

Dutch Raw Denim – Benzak Denim Developers, Atelier Tossijn

Dutch Raw Denim – An Overview Nowadays Holland is enjoying a growing reputation for its premium raw denim, even when the sales numbers are pretty modest. Since G-Star Raw started back in 1989, much water has flown through the denim [...]

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