Fade Friday - Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

Fade Friday – Imperial Shearer (2.5 Years, 7 Washes)

The busiest people have the ability to fade some of the most unique jeans. This pair of Imperial Shearer comes from Johnny Bravvo – a DJ, avid wood-worker, and raw denim enthusiast. His jeans for this week’s Fade Friday displays the [...]

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imperial denim

A Conversation With Imperial Brand Clothing’s Jordan and Cameron Votan

Jordan Votan – One Half of Imperial Brand Clothing Although Jordan and Cameron Votan may not be your average household names, the duo’s shearer-inspired line, Imperial Brand Clothing, is quite well known among denim-heads and has gained a serious following over the past [...]

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Phable Denim

Phable Jeans – Initial Thoughts On The New Australian Raw Denim

New Raw Denim From Australia – Initial Thoughts On Phable Jeans “All jeans tell a story.” – That’s the credo for Phable, an up-and-coming label coming out of Australia. Created by Luke Hammonds and Brody Davison, Phable is an interesting [...]

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Selvedge coin pocket covered in sand

Raw Denim Jeans Ocean Wash – The Definitive Guide

After many hours of dreaming about performing a beach wash for my raw denim, I had the opportunity to wash my jeans in Mexico and Australia. In 2010, I decided to hold off on the beach wash in Mexico because [...]

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Imperial Denim Duke

Fade Friday – Imperial Denim Duke

Imperial Denim Duke – 7 Months, 1 Wash In honor of our friends on the other side of the globe, we’ve chosen the Imperial Denim Duke for this week’s Fade Friday. Strongly committed to retaining traditional weaving techniques, Imperial Denim employs [...]

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