Fade of the Day – Atelier LaDurance Princeton (1 year, unknown washes, 2 soaks)

Love them or hate them, you have to hand it to French brand Atelier LaDurance for originality. Reader Bonno Schotman of the Netherlands has worn his pair through many repairs and countless washes. Details Name: Atelier LaDurance Princeton Raw Fabric: 100% cotton Japanese selvedge denim Weight: 14oz. [...]

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The Complete Raw Denim Patch Collection

The little details that go into a pair of jeans can often be overlooked by the less discerning consumer. Only the most passionate denimheads care about chainstitches, selvedge lines, and tucked waistbands. But there are two design details few can overlook: [...]

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Atelier Ladurance 2013 Lineup – Sneak Preview

Atelier Ladurance recently dropped a new collection of denim jeans which is shaping up to be one of their best in the last couple of years. Though this is just a sneak peek of what’s to come, we will have [...]

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Beretta Jeans - The Hague, The Netherlands

Baretta Jeans – A Denim Social Club And Haven

Baretta Jeans – The Hague, The Netherlands It’s easy to buy raw denim online today – it’s become increasingly simple to measure your favorite pair and order based off of what you see on brands or store’s internet representations. There [...]

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The Return of Atelier LaDurance

The Return of Atelier LaDurance They are back. Well, actually they never left. Atelier LaDurance’s come-back was long awaited for their legion of fans. Now they can be plenty satisfied with the new collection that is already hitting the best [...]

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Dutch Raw Denim - An Overview BDD

Dutch Raw Denim – Benzak Denim Developers, Atelier Tossijn

Dutch Raw Denim – An Overview Nowadays Holland is enjoying a growing reputation for its premium raw denim, even when the sales numbers are pretty modest. Since G-Star Raw started back in 1989, much water has flown through the denim [...]

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Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Fade Friday – Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling (8 Years, Washes Unknown)

Fade Friday - Atelier LaDurance (8 Years, Washes Unknown) This week’s Fade Friday sees the first appearance of denim from Atelier LaDurance, a French brand founded by Gerard Backx in 2002, the Prescott Sterling. While the washes are unknown, this pair is [...]

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