Atelier Ladurance 2013 Lineup – Sneak Preview

Atelier Ladurance recently dropped a new collection of denim jeans which is shaping up to be one of their best in the last couple of years. Though this is just a sneak peek of what’s to come, we will have [...]

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Beretta Jeans - The Hague, The Netherlands

Baretta Jeans – A Denim Social Club And Haven

Baretta Jeans – The Hague, The Netherlands It’s easy to buy raw denim online today – it’s become increasingly simple to measure your favorite pair and order based off of what you see on brands or store’s internet representations. There [...]

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The Return of Atelier LaDurance

The Return of Atelier LaDurance They are back. Well, actually they never left. Atelier LaDurance’s come-back was long awaited for their legion of fans. Now they can be plenty satisfied with the new collection that is already hitting the best [...]

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Dutch Raw Denim - An Overview BDD

Dutch Raw Denim – Benzak Denim Developers, Atelier Tossijn

Dutch Raw Denim – An Overview Nowadays Holland is enjoying a growing reputation for its premium raw denim, even when the sales numbers are pretty modest. Since G-Star Raw started back in 1989, much water has flown through the denim [...]

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Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling Raw Denim

Fade Friday – Atelier LaDurance Prescott Sterling (8 Years, Washes Unknown)

Fade Friday - Atelier LaDurance (8 Years, Washes Unknown) This week’s Fade Friday sees the first appearance of denim from Atelier LaDurance, a French brand founded by Gerard Backx in 2002, the Prescott Sterling. While the washes are unknown, this pair is [...]

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