Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit New Standard (1 Year, 5 Months, 1 Wash)

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, we never get sick of seeing a great pair of jeans with a solid set of fades. In this case, Peter Li‘s A.P.C. Petit New Standards are not only a modern classic, but [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit Standard (3 Years, 8 Soaks)

Tried, true, and often the first endeavor for budding denimheads, A.P.C. has been lauded for its minimalist aesthetic and fast fades. Shawn Petersen from Los Angeles, California has been wearing his A.P.C. Petit Standard jeans for 3 years and [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit Standard (2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Today’s sick fades are brought to you by Canadian RD reader Melvin Gomez, who confesses to wearing his denim literally everywhere he goes. Even in the hot months, you can find him rocking these A.P.C. Petit Standards under his work uniform. [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit New Standard (1 Year, 2 Washes, 2 Soaks)

Dutch reader Stefan Dahrs has been working on his pair of A.P.C. Petit New Standard jeans for only about a year. But, when they’re A.P.C.’s, a year is all you really need to produce some respectable fades like Stefan has here. For his time [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit Standard (1.5 years, 2 washes, 2 soaks)

Reader Max Lester may hail from England, but he gets honorary Southeast Asia fades as he wore his jeans while biking, trekking, and doing many other “activities” in the region. He’s also kept the classic “pocketbag diary” of his washes and travels, [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit Standard (13 months, 0 washes, 1 soak)

We all do things for our fades. Some of us refuse to wash, some of us wear our jeans hiking or rock climbing when they are far from the most practical option, and Sherman Sng (fishermanswh on Instagram) often opts to walk [...]

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Fade of the Day – A.P.C. Petit New Standard (1 Year, 1 Wash, 1 Soak)

Today’s fade comes to us from Instagrammer pablo_palma. Hailing from south of the border, this pair of A.P.C. Petit New Standard’s have been put through hell, but it’s nothing that a few repairs couldn’t handle to keep them standing [...]

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Close Up

Civilianaire Standard Slim – Denim Review

Civilianaire is a curious case study in the realm of raw. As the progeny of Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, the duo behind Jean Shop and Lucky Brand, it’s surprising that Civilianaire is not more known. Despite multiple brick and mortar shops and [...]

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Raw Denim Sales Compendium: October 24

Denim sales come and go, which is exactly why we’ve compiled all that we could find into one, big post — a compendium, if you will. We offer this near exhaustive list every first and third Friday of the month, [...]

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Fade Friday – A.P.C. New Cure (4 years, 5 washes)

A.P.C.s are often considered the “gateway denim”. They’ve been around for so long and have been so widely available that many start their raw denim journey in the Atelier de Production et Creation. Such was the case with Will Edem, whose [...]

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